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  1. Float carp rig nowadays is basically a bottom rig with a float as the bite indicator. You can't really fish at any depth you want. You need to set the depth of the bottom. Test it with the marker rod or estimate from the map.
  2. New update is coming soon, new lake, ton of new boillies, popups, artificial corn, dips, rigs, sinkers, leadcores and whatnot. That's all good. My question is, why is it so hard to put three different colored 14g wagglers in the game? Players asked for years to put that in the game. So, again, why is that so hard to implement?
  3. @Elwoodiath2 @Levo Can you give us some details about how sandwich bait works? Does it matter which bait is first? Using two different baits has the same effect as 2 rods with those baits if you managed to get them in the exact same spot? I mean, the fish is attracted by one individual bait or by the combination of those two? If the fish is active in one spot on certain bait, using same bait in both slots increases the bite chance or has has no effect?
  4. I used a 60g bleak to catch a 140g perch. On that perch a i got a 280g arctic char. I agree that you get some trophy now and then, but atm this rig is broken imo. For the amount of grind it needs, the time you spend on farming bait, big fish bite rate should be buffed.
  5. What exactly means the "control of fish" in "fishing with a spinner rod"? Fish will get tired faster? You can land it with less effort?
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