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  1. It would be so nice to be able to change hooks without taking the lure off the rig. It's very annoying to take off the lure, go to inventory, search the lure, change the hook, go to the rig, search the lure and putting it on.
  2. Team Name: The Mafia Team captain: bogrado Team members: philaitch1 WizzardNZ gonzo77 VonPrkl
  3. More than three month passed, still no answer?
  4. Team name: Mafia Team captain: bogrado Team members: VonPrkl gonzo77 MUR1CAJAKE MOOYONGZ
  5. I would like to see this feature implemented. Would be very helpful when trolling.
  6. So who wins? The one that catches first or the one that posts a comment first?
  7. Yes, that's my guess too but I was hoping for an official confirmation.
  8. When the lures were introduced they were designated as "top water lures". Now they are "artificial rodents" What skill points, if any, applies to this lures?
  9. It's not first time this happens. People are putting in the time and effort for this comps only to find out they wasted their time. You should susspend the tournaments until the system if fixed.
  10. Same problem here. Don't see myself on the results.
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