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  1. Agreed.. And we also need a rehabilitation center for that R button Addiction, cause I'm an addict and I didn't realize it
  2. Map: Norwegian Sea Coordinates: 801:643 Bait: Natural Squid 23-02 In game name: Geralt of Gryffindor
  3. Norwegian Sea Coordinates: 311:177 / D9 Bait: Ultra Fuo Octopus - 18 - 01 Ign: Geralt of Gryffindor
  4. Norway small fish (Mackarel and Blue whiting) Spot G9 with something moving on the bottom or whatever is it called
  5. Now that make sense, thank you. As for reel recomendation, I quote a post from an admin that says.. and from that statement I assume that line capacity = Triumph Sturdy reel = Borealica Both or inbetween = Imperial C Cmiw
  6. I'm always wondered, where this 400+ kg numbers came from?
  7. Hello @New Ame try here https://rf4game.jp For Japanese fotw or forum tournament
  8. Glad it's taking care off. Been seeing couple of disturbing video lately.
  9. 2.2 m with tele Sorry for the double post
  10. IGN: Geralt of Gryffindor LOCATION: Yama 102:165 BAIT: Dung Beetle + Stonefly Larva
  11. so, is it your IP or your account that got blocked? IP blocked may happen due to multiple log in failure such as putting wrong password or email. Usually you will be able to play again by waiting for 15 minutes or an hour or try to restart your router. But if it is an account block, it may happen because your daughter account log in to the game from different computer with a different NIC and the system flag it as 'suspicious activity'. I believe RF4 have this algoritm to prevent stolen account or something like that. I hope it helps a little
  12. Yes, thats what i mean. Thanks Wildcarrot
  13. Another one!! Was hunting for scally, but this 1 hit the bait and I dont mind Red Starvas Mirror, 83.145 clip 35 Good luck...
  14. Thank you Botzy for bringin it up. It's been bugging my mind for a long time. We need admin and game creator to look at this matter.
  15. Can't find the "EDIT" button. spot 83.145 clip 35 Sorry for the trouble
  16. Finally got 1 Red starvas mirror 83 145. Now i want the scally 1 Good luck
  17. Silver Carp Sura 81.32 clip 35 S Good Luck
  18. Siberian "TOYOTA" Sterlet 130.61 Clip 60 NE Good luck
  19. that means the percentage of damage reach 50% or more
  20. Golden Tench 52:63 clip 20 Also got trophy Common carp and Grass Carp and a lot of trophy gibel with the same setup
  21. Kuori Lake Coordinate : D7 Trolling Bait : Balsa Minow 75F - 006 IGN : Geralt of Gryffindor
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