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  1. Yes, thats what i mean. Thanks Wildcarrot
  2. Another one!! Was hunting for scally, but this 1 hit the bait and I dont mind Red Starvas Mirror, 83.145 clip 35 Good luck...
  3. Thank you Botzy for bringin it up. It's been bugging my mind for a long time. We need admin and game creator to look at this matter.
  4. Can't find the "EDIT" button. spot 83.145 clip 35 Sorry for the trouble
  5. Finally got 1 Red starvas mirror 83 145. Now i want the scally 1 Good luck
  6. Silver Carp Sura 81.32 clip 35 S Good Luck
  7. Siberian "TOYOTA" Sterlet 130.61 Clip 60 NE Good luck
  8. that means the percentage of damage reach 50% or more
  9. Golden Tench 52:63 clip 20 Also got trophy Common carp and Grass Carp and a lot of trophy gibel with the same setup
  10. Kuori Lake Coordinate : D7 Trolling Bait : Balsa Minow 75F - 006 IGN : Geralt of Gryffindor
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