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  1. The new self-made leaders have all the same color in the inventory while selecting a leader, and the description doesn't specify their color, so it's close to impossible to select the color you want.
  2. You can't, the one the skill tree is pointing to is the "Cream" from smart boilies
  3. Carp rods definitely have a 30% exp bonus. I've never used pickers tho.
  4. Quanna

    Baits Q&A

    I made it to 100 without any boost so it's practically possible, but filling up a keepnet with gudgeons will not work. There are definitely strong diminishing returns on repeating the same action with skillups. What worked for me was finding a rotation of different baitfish in different lakes (and one of them probably has to be a night time fish), so when you get a point, you move to the next lake. Mine was this one: Gudgeon, Rivulet, usual spots, size 22, Garlic Bleak, Belaya, north section left side, 22, Fly Ruffe, Kuori, anywhere at night, 24, Worm (not that good now) W-Bream, Mosquito, pier, 24, Worm (just bad now) All of them with 5kg invisible mono. I also tried to keep 3 Imperial buffs up while crafting.
  5. From the screenshots, it was the leader, then the hook on the lure and now the leader again
  6. Once you switch your rod to Paternoster rig, the leader slot, among others, says "optional item"
  7. Can you enable the splash on this map too?
  8. Quanna

    Sura River

    On the other hand, we don't have repairs to do if we don't get fish
  9. Quanna

    Live and Baitfish

    Just wanted to share that right now chinese sleeper and silver bream are completely dead in mosquito, while perch, white bream and ruffe are on fire, making the pier an awesome spot for people who are trying to skill up on livebait. The bite rate is an absurd 120 per in game day of exclusively baitfish species, so get them while it lasts. Gl
  10. Quanna

    Sura River

    it's on the other side, the line doesn't have collision so it goes straight to the fish through anything
  11. Quanna

    Spinning Reels

    I'd really take a look at the two big reels guys. The others are fine. Shift and right click have no effect under normal conditions, you have tu use the WASD keys or a violent lateral swing to drag the fish and be able to speed up the reeling rotation. I'm taking about 6kg carps, not monsters. I'm aware this is not a detailed report, but it really takes just one person hooking up anything with those reels to see the problem.
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