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  1. Good morning. Sorry for the inconvenience but I have an issue that I don't understand. I signed up for the Turnament "EU-Tour Carp Fishing 30+" but my region in the game and Ohter countries the question and can I or can't I participate? Regards. NB:The word EU stands for Europe if I'm not mistaken. Well I'm Italian
  2. Seversky Donets River coordinates 159:80 Bait Nasty Worm 2,5-001 Ingame name RockMic
  3. Question the skills of the equipment, are added to the skills already acquired (even if they are already at most)?
  4. Sorry I put back the experience points that I believe after the last update have been returned. My problem is that I forgot to assign some points to the Making Groundbait section, Believe something can be done out of courtesy, I know it was my mistake.
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