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  1. PsyQo Gaming

    Competitions Q&A

    Protesting Eel competition at Old Burg 10/10/2018 20h I'm protesting the competition of today at Old Burg Lake, where we had to catch Eels. The competition was only 5 seconds running and already somebody caught an Eel of +5kg. This is just impossible! So please take some time to check on another...bug/fair gameplay/RNG/etc And I was not the only one that was having these thoughts, so I hope it will be checked and NOT AGAIN just deleting my post. Thx
  2. PsyQo Gaming


    I would like to protest the current competion of Levo at Old Burg Lake. (Catching Eel for 48h) Catching an Eel of +5kg within 5sec is just impossible...pls do some research if this is fair gameplay or is there something more going on. And I'm not the only one that's having this question, so I hope that it will be checked and not just delete this post. Thx.
  3. PsyQo Gaming

    Hooks - General Discussion

    Till now I didn't receive any answer or reaction from the mods...? Normally they are very fast to react,so I think this one is just forgotten...
  4. PsyQo Gaming

    Technical Issues

    It can't be that hard to fix these problems...just take some descent time to find the reason the servers crash that often...only a reset/restart of the server doesn't resolve any problems.
  5. PsyQo Gaming

    Technical Issues

    Again a server interruption...lost again a Trophy Bream! Please let this stop...this isn't fun anymore... And no compensation for the loses and the downtime? The problem isn''t my system, that's for sure.
  6. PsyQo Gaming

    Technical Issues

    Again...server down..."Other region"...but the other servers are down also...
  7. PsyQo Gaming

    Technical Issues

    Connection lost with game server... When will these problems finally be resolved? Just lost again a Trophy fish, now it was a Bream...this isn't fun anymore... And no the problem is not on my site, there where several people having the same issue at the same time, 1 to 2 min ago.
  8. PsyQo Gaming

    Report a Bug

    Kuori Lake (update) Goodbuy Kuori Lake! This was the last time I've fished here...till the bug is fixed. There is no fun anymore...
  9. PsyQo Gaming

    Volkhov River

    Is there something wrong with the game for the Volkhov River? There seems to be no active spots anymore...
  10. PsyQo Gaming

    Technical Issues

    Hello Game crash for the 3rd time at the Sura River. The last one when landing a fish. After restarting the game, the fish isn't added to the net. Already send the output log to support. Greetings PsyQo
  11. PsyQo Gaming

    Technical Issues

    Hello, I want to report following bug: Lost connection with the game server, while I was trying to reel in a big fish, already running for the fish from position 85 to 127. So gear took damage for free... Time of losing connection with game server: +/- 20h27 GMT. And this is not the first time I'm losing a big fish like this...
  12. PsyQo Gaming

    Winding Rivulet

    Catched this nice Asp yesterday with the free gear you can get at the Cottage Pond. Only the lure I've changed. You can see that it's possible to catch some nice fish with it.
  13. PsyQo Gaming


    second Trophy Vimba within 1 hour after the first
  14. PsyQo Gaming


  15. PsyQo Gaming

    Competitions Q&A

    Have some strange thoughts about the whole competition part... Dev's and Mod's, be honest and say that you can also get in the top 10 of a competition if you, not yet, have spend any money in the game... Because that's the thought i'm getting...
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