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  1. Tenchy

    Bear Lake

    Would love to mate but dont have 3 match rod setups and zero points invested. I purposely spent all my time leveling up to 100% on bottom to use method feeder for carp as im sure many others have aswell and its useless at bear lake. Loop rig and method should be way more effective for catching carp. Like it is in real life fishing. Nobody in real life fishes three float rods together for carp thats just daft! Mybe 2 bottom rods and one float rod in the margins or a controller float with dog biscuits on the top if the weather is right for it.
  2. Tenchy

    Bear Lake

    Same spot same bait same clip same pva mix.......... I give up on bear lake. Real life tactics no longer work. Working spots, baits and setups that work for others don't work for me im at a complete loss. I coulnt even complete a whole hour after still catching tiny bream and mussel on potatoe in the middle of the day! I have no problem filling up decent keepnets at every other lake guess i'll be back in about 6 months when i can afford to buy 3 match rods................
  3. Tenchy

    Bear Lake

    Well my luck certainly cant get any worse there. Thanks for the reply and info mate.
  4. Tenchy

    Bear Lake

    So is bottom fishing completely broken here now or what? I sat for 30 mins at 55 63 with 0 bites then tried two more suggested spots and only caught 1 fish!!!! Over an hour of fishing and caught just one fish. Ive tried suggested groundbaits and pva. Im using loop rigs and one method rig fluro leaders 18kg 27.7kg and 17.4kg all of which work great when fishing for carp at old burg and used to work great here aswell now i can't catch anything. Any insight would be appreicated. Currently sat at flooded ravine been here 20mins and again not even a nibble.....
  5. Where are you casting from this spot mate?
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