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  1. Any further information on the progress on fixing this issue?
  2. The spinning wheel of death bug, or disconnects started appearing , for some players, directly after the patch with the Unity3D update. Were the problem nodes a problem prior to that? Because we weren't getting the disconnects prior to that patch. Anybody like to bet that a rollback to the pre Unity3D update would cure the current disconnect problems? That would of course mean admitting that it was the software update that caused it all in the first place. Over 15 disconnects today, wasted HH and boat tickets, Enough is enough, roll back or fix it.
  3. Screenshot of the error https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1813561872
  4. I now cannot connect at all and get the error message in the post title. I've tried both protocols. I connected fine this morning, quit the game to sell the fish and now can't get back in.
  5. Given that this problem is happening to nearly everyone I know after the last patch, I think it's safe to assume that it's not a particular router problem or internet latency issue. As it is only happening on fish harvests, what has been introduced in the last patch which affects upload of fish data to the server? Any extra anti cheat stuff? Update: I had the spinning ring of death whilst writing this post, when I went back to the game the problem had cleared. Iy must have cleared after about 5 minutes whilst tabbed out. It happened again on the very next fish and it is still spinning atm. I'll see if it recovers and if it does whether it happens on all subsequent fish.
  6. An example of 2 portions of ground bait in a single portion feeder, causing the rod to be overweight.
  7. And after the latest patch.. we are still getting the 'fish got away' message much more frequently than we did in the past. The more cynical amongst us may think that it's just another 'economy balance' too far.
  8. I'm getting random messages and indications that the rod is overweight. In this case my rod ran out of ground bait and with only a 30gm feeder, hook and bait weighing less than 1gm combined, on a rod with a 45gm test. Adding more ground bait cured the overweight indication. I have also seen the weight of ground bait in a single portion feeder weigh 20gms and cause the overweight problem. This may be due to the long term ground bait and PVA problem that we've been waiting for a fix for.
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