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  1. How i do that? My email provider has stopped working and can not use my email.
  2. Yesterday (17th) i buy 300 blackcurrant flavor yellow and purple and 200 dips. Today after upfdate game, im lost yellow corn and dips from my inventory?
  3. Same here, and someone non- premium player can not use kuori cafe.
  4. Within the game there is a "rumor" (or true, who knows) that the player has a higher bite rate during the competition than in the normal game mode. There are players in the game whose statistics clearly show that they have played hundreds (maybe thousands) of tournaments and won half of them, which mathematically means that this is a purposeful, perhaps even permissible scam. This does not apply to a forum tournament, so would it be too much to ask if a player who participates in a forum tournament, loses the right to play a regular tournament (for same time) so that she does not gain an unreasonable rng advantage over other players?
  5. How i can ship my reel to workshop? Yes, i can not. So, why i need pay that?
  6. I don't see anything in my chat, only weekly records but not my catched fish, line is torn, fish got away, nothing. Only if you take 2 coffee very fast, you see that second one. Same as eat something... Looks like chat is stuck.
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