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  1. How i can ship my reel to workshop? Yes, i can not. So, why i need pay that?
  2. I don't see anything in my chat, only weekly records but not my catched fish, line is torn, fish got away, nothing. Only if you take 2 coffee very fast, you see that second one. Same as eat something... Looks like chat is stuck.
  3. Can you "overklock" your bottom fishing skills? like 100% skills and +7% rod = 107% or its 100% max? What is true?
  4. If i buy rod with "+5 spin fishing skills" and discard that rod, can i hold this +5 or they will disappear ?
  5. When feeder rod is broken? Wear shows 2,4% and line guides 10%, only line quides can repair, but when ? Any ideas...?
  6. Kauris84

    Cooking Q&A

    Were are toilet? You know, if you need to eat, you need to use toilet... I know you just laugh on this but it is true! (maybe this is wrong topic)
  7. There is option for gold bait, but... How much time you need to spend this? No need "only" gold for baits...
  8. Are you trying pearl barley on this spot, it works too but... Fish is small and catch max. 20/ day...
  9. I have 12 days left for premium and I did not find any reason why I would continue it. No fish, no premium (and NO pay 500€ Venga etc. jesus christ what price!?) Bream is still in the same place, the problem is that it has been taken off the slice, big slice 2/3 or something...
  10. Were are the fish?? No Ide, no bream, no carp, only Crusian/Gibel carps,some Tench and Burbots. I dont see Salmon or Zander... Only pike has increased and you can catch this everywhere (it is realistic). There are no fish, it's just a coincidence. I'm a little disappointed. Players will not buy gold if it is forced. And this looks like next way. Not fair. My opinion. Sorry.
  11. Kauris84

    Spinning Reels

    Im a bit lost... I want to buy new reel(s) and looking for Tagara 10 000 and Bestia 8000. But what reel is just me? I use this reel "only" carp rod, not spinning lures etc. Tagara i can use Nylon line, Bestia "i need use" braided line... Nylon save reel wear and braided wear faster, this means 4 star and 5 star reel is close to same wear (in theory) ? This is problem what i can not solved, help? To this day im using Alfa 8000 and 17.3kg nylon line and this works good for feeder.
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