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  1. dylmax91

    Technical Issues

    +1 I have the same problem as roland12 ................
  2. dylmax91

    Technical Issues

    i'm very angry costamentally disconnected !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. dylmax91


    Belaya 71:67
  4. dylmax91

    Sura River

    absolutely ok with that. !!!!
  5. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    hello. first fish this morning after ten minutes(irl) and as yesterday no appy hour today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    thanks !!
  7. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    it's ok but no happy hour !!
  8. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    hello ! impossible to start the game this morning . regards .
  9. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    @Elwoodiath2 I sent a message to support@rf4game.com . regards.
  10. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    I think I understand on my profile there is marked other countries. there should be marked france. can you change that? thanks.
  11. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    ok thanks for your answer !!!!!
  12. dylmax91

    Report a Bug

    Hello I would like to know why this fish does not appear in the regional record table ( France )
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