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  1. FasTy


    Any advice on making own leaders ? I noticed a few options
  2. FasTy

    Kuori lake

    Ok thanks not tried the Dp cranks yet so will give it a shot
  3. FasTy

    Kuori lake

    Hi so im strugglng when it rains here . Any advice on lures etc im trolling atm. Thanks .
  4. Why not a option to use both? It really is a way for Rf4 to make some extra cash
  5. FasTy

    Kuori lake

    Is trolling still good here ? Whats working?as im low on silver Thanks in advance .
  6. FasTy


    When do chub like to feed on the surface? Rainny days ? Sunny and hot ? Still not worked it out . Any infomation most welcome .
  7. Since the last patch . Have hunters and veikko spoons become less effective ?
  8. Best way to level up spin fishing? Best places to fish? And which rod and reel to use so levels skills faster ? Its such a slow grind . Any advice most welcome . Thanks in advance all
  9. Long grind What line did you use ? If you dont mind me asking .
  10. Hi sorry if this has been asked before but i cant find any information on water body colours. Kouri is clear water that i do know. But what about rest of the water bodies ? What colourS are the water please??? Hopefully this will help me choose the correct lures colours
  11. Any advice on using the 3 way rig that ive just unlocked ? Confused as to how to use it and what its best for targetting ?
  12. Regarding lure colours on this river; Sunnydays dark colour lures? Cloudy days bright coloured lures? Night dark coloured lures? I get so many mixed messages it get confusing Can somebody confirm please. I know its not always set in stone.
  13. FasTy


    No joy yet grrrrr.. suggestions for lures etc . Tried a few . Please.
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