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  1. I got a really nice surprise today when trolling along the channel, my biggest Caspian Trout. Fishie: Setup: He was between the can factory and the end of a main island. Weather - warm cloudy evening.
  2. Looks like I`m addicted and cant get a brake from the game lol.. anyways, quick observation from todays fishing trip: Fish near the pier - at day troll around it with whats on the records list for ASP, and at night park at pier and cast 100% forward from the dock for carps (nightcrawlers). It works pretty well if you dont feel like exploring around the map.
  3. You dont need Everest, keep the speed between 20-25 and it should work as long as you have the "Walking the dog" showing up.
  4. Finally, finally after good few months of silence I got a big pike. Funny thing, not a top water/jerk lure but random wobler. Sunny evening, in the reeds near the small lake: Maybe important note - at least for me, I got much more baits and above pike when I started using the blue Extra Silk line on Ladoga. I use 24 and Walk the Dog with the above setup (same speed for the woblers and walkers)
  5. Thanks for the tip, I went fishing with the Angry Walker S8 and got good results (no trophy but it looks good for one day spinning next to the small lake):
  6. I was fishing for the trophy around small lake and near every reported hot spot for a few days with no good result ether. From what we can see on the ladderbords right now trophy pike bites on jerkbaits - so if you like me dont have the ability yet its only smaller ones. Best/biggest result was on top water poppers for me in the sunny cold evenings.
  7. If you can access Quori try trolling around the island, according to many folks its the best constant money maker at this point. Lures - blue Hunter 1-001, DP Crank 6-002.
  8. It happens to me from time to time, for example today I got 1.5kg eel in the small lake on green hunter
  9. The entire shoreline between small 3m lake and bigger 6m bay is full of small pike and occasionally you can get nice 8kg one. Try using various Hunter spoons 11cm. Speed 25-35.
  10. If you can cast far, yeah you can reach the hole from the near by shores but be careful if you dont have much line as fish can spool ya. What I do is bottom fishing with one rod from a boat on the top of the hole.
  11. Nice fish, but what spot exactly? Could you share more details please?
  12. Got a nice trophy today, trolling just next to the pier/fish market. Clear weather, cold, midnight. fishie: setup:
  13. bart86pl

    Bear Lake

    Bear works pretty good for me atm, my tip is - switch between the mentioned spots every 30 min or so, it seems to be working best. Fish switches between them very often I noticed so if bites stopped, move to another place. My three spots now are as follows: 55:63 - works best out of them. Common Carp/Black Carp (clip 15). 79:77 - a bit slower but has Grass Carps (clip 20-25). 45:60 - if above two fails I tend to move there (clip 20). My baits - Potatoes, Salmon 20, Juicy lemon 18, Cream mango 20.
  14. Clip was 15-20 if I remember correctly but to my knowledge this spot is no longer active.
  15. I use standard Bream GB but empty basket works as well.
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