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  1. bart86pl


    I like it, Im positively surprised and what they said is definitely something to look forward for. Still taking bigger brake from the game itself waiting for further improvements. Thanks for the announcement team and good luck!
  2. bart86pl

    Sura River

    If you can cast far, yeah you can reach the hole from the near by shores but be careful if you dont have much line as fish can spool ya. What I do is bottom fishing with one rod from a boat on the top of the hole.
  3. bart86pl

    Albino Catfish 

    Nice fish, but what spot exactly? Could you share more details please?
  4. bart86pl


    Out of curiosity is it possible to delete your account/user?
  5. bart86pl

    Lake Trout

    Got a nice trophy today, trolling just next to the pier/fish market. Clear weather, cold, midnight. fishie: setup:
  6. bart86pl

    Bear Lake

    Bear works pretty good for me atm, my tip is - switch between the mentioned spots every 30 min or so, it seems to be working best. Fish switches between them very often I noticed so if bites stopped, move to another place. My three spots now are as follows: 55:63 - works best out of them. Common Carp/Black Carp (clip 15). 79:77 - a bit slower but has Grass Carps (clip 20-25). 45:60 - if above two fails I tend to move there (clip 20). My baits - Potatoes, Salmon 20, Juicy lemon 18, Cream mango 20.
  7. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    Clip was 15-20 if I remember correctly but to my knowledge this spot is no longer active.
  8. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    I use standard Bream GB but empty basket works as well.
  9. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    Have you tried the 101:37? I think it still works but breem above 1kg pretty much only bites at night and when its cold. Casting S, clip 15-20m. Hook med 8 - large 5, fluoro 6/7kg. Nightcrawler/Garlic/Cottage cheese dough.
  10. bart86pl

    Old Burg Lake

    Great trophy Grass on potatoes, spot 16:70 casting 10m in to the green area, rainy morning (thanks LoneWulvss!): fishie: setup:
  11. bart86pl


    Finally got my trophy ASP. Volkhov, trolling along the 3m hole next to the starting pier. Warm rainy evening:
  12. bart86pl


    Here is nice fat one from above spot just after few minutes of fishing. Cold, sunny, 5 in the morning:
  13. bart86pl


    Another spot worth checking out (thanks to users on Russian forum) is Volkhow 101:37. Casting S, clip 15-20m. Hook med 8 - large 5, fluoro 6/7kg. Nightcrawler/Garlic/Cottage cheese dough. It was very active yesterday, today after the update it seems slower but Breem still hangs there at night and morning when its cold. Also during the day you can get some massive trophy Roach on Mayfly larvae!
  14. bart86pl


    Old Burg new Bream spot (still testing): 20:34, clip 20 (cast to the side of the hole N/E) I use fluoro 7.7, hook med 8 up to large 5. Garlic Dough/Redworm. From the same spot, casting to the shallows on the right you can try get Eels.
  15. bart86pl

    Mosquito Lake

    Above spot is working well! Strawberry 12/15:
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