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  1. bart86pl

    Beloribitsa Whitefish

    From my last experience and from what I can read on Russian forum since yesterday - whitefish has moved from last spots. I was able to get one 3kg near the dock casting as far as I can to the middle of the river but its dead otherwise. Still no new hotspot, will inform ya folks if I find anything!
  2. bart86pl

    Akhtuba River

    My current go to place for carps at 94:57, setups and details below: Best to use Halibut/Salmon boilies, NC and Algae also works. At night you can switch to frogs or fish meat for Burbs. The 29kg Sturgeon was also on Salmon 20.
  3. bart86pl

    Mosquito Lake

    35:49 using Carmel 14/Cherry 16 hook large 1, fluoro leader 6,4kg, crucian/gibel mix - one rainy night of fishing
  4. bart86pl

    Bear Lake

    This spot/baits worked for me really great today - made a good silver and got few trophies. Thanks for the tip!
  5. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    Iv tried trolling near the spawnpoint with both new Christmas spoons and the smaller "tube" one works really good for Salmons and ASPS - worth a try!
  6. bart86pl

    Sura River

    I use to fish in Sura with same reel and it was fine for most fish but it takes lots of time to reel one in but its ok if you have lots of line. My suggestion is - put 17kg line instead of 22 kg one, if you get anything near 22 it will spool you anyway. Better have more line than short stronger one imo. Also get rid of steel leader and put mono/nylon one - it can scare the fish and Sturg has no teeth.
  7. bart86pl

    Sura River

    96:38 casting 90% to the 7,5m hole, equipement below:
  8. bart86pl

    Sura River

    7,5 m hole works good for me today, getting lots of Russian Sturgeons on NC and Rhone larvae, hook large 1, 2/0.
  9. bart86pl


    I can also recommend the Hunter 1-003 for Salmon sat Volk, got few 5-8 kg ones on it last two days trolling.
  10. bart86pl


    The mid bright 8cm Soturi 22g-009.
  11. bart86pl


    I`m getting lots of ASP on new Kiruuna Soturi 22g at Volkhov and Akhuba right now.
  12. bart86pl

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Guys, can you recommenced lvl 30 rod for livebait fishing?
  13. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    I`m hunting for the trophy ASP now, if I get one I will post the details.
  14. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    Trolling along the spawn point with hunters 11cm and big funky minnows gave me few good ASPs bigger than 3kg and they pay well.
  15. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    You are my hero - doing exact same thing now and it works very good for salmons and pikes!
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