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  1. @Azorees, quality post mate I of course agree with you. But dont expect much to change apart from obvious tech issues that happens and I`m sure will be sorted out. I would also like to thank you as you always been helpful to other players on the forums and in game. I myself will be leaving and this is probably my last post since game is shaping simply in to certain way that I personally dont find encouraging and enjoyable. The game become like abusive relationship lately haha - I keep getting beat up but I`m coming back, this is not healthy for me :D Big thanks to all the community for many great moments as you guys rocks! Effort = reward, RF4 is still a game, and it should respect said rule. I sound like broken record but this is my biggest issue. The progression in game is slowest Iv seen in any mmo/game out there and when you finally after months of playing (or investing real cash in to gold) get your big gear with "+3 points to whatever" you as a player expect some sort of reward/satisfaction. signing off o7
  2. I got a really nice surprise today when trolling along the channel, my biggest Caspian Trout. Fishie: Setup: He was between the can factory and the end of a main island. Weather - warm cloudy evening.
  3. No idea if true but I heard that you can broke the rod if walking with it to a tree/obstacle, so could be it? I hope you will get an answer from the dev as I would really like to know if its true.
  4. bart86pl

    Happy Hour

    As I said many times (and not only me if you look at Russian sub forum for suggestions) current premium benefits matters very little for high lvl folks. I like to support the game but currently there is little to nothing encouraging me to buy prem time.
  5. Closest thing to the answer we got in leatest Q&A:
  6. Sometimes I scratch my head over the games randomness as well, also I`m one of the folks who experienced significant drop in fish numbers/size after Ladoga update. If you read latest Q&A you will see that this works as intended according to the dev team. I`m not a fan personally, even in simulator I want the game to respect my time/effort. Also I stopped following tutorials/hot spot advice's as it simply does not work for me 50% of a time, or due to the fact that fish changes their behavior constantly. My advice - try looking for your own spots, you might as well looking for places with most ppl in the chat.
  7. Looks like I`m addicted and cant get a brake from the game lol.. anyways, quick observation from todays fishing trip: Fish near the pier - at day troll around it with whats on the records list for ASP, and at night park at pier and cast 100% forward from the dock for carps (nightcrawlers). It works pretty well if you dont feel like exploring around the map.
  8. That would be best, I agree.
  9. Since "trading" "gifting" is currently locked for premium only players I have an idea - how about allowing normal players to exchange gear/baits but for a reasonable silver fee - more expensive gift, the more it will cost you in silver to give it to another folk.
  10. I have the same issue, its nothing major for me but even with language support it keeps happening. My specs:
  11. First, very good post mate, I agree with your ideas on how to make the game longer but still enjoyable. To be honest I`m on the edge of giving up too despite playing way too much (real life needs attention too hehe). Simple reason is I dont feel the game "respects" my time and effort. I put helluva of energy, research and time to get best results and get myself some hi end gear. Problem is - for what? I still get 200g Perch on my 60 silver wobler with 4/0 hook. Every big fish that happens to spawn chew off the leader and when I put steel one it gets away haha. I can only speak for myself here but I have a suspicion this is the reason why old time players are giving up as well. There need to be some reward/feeling of accomplishment at the end of the road/grind (call it as you prefer). We have to remember that at the end of the day its still a game and game needs to reward players somehow. If players time and effort vs reward is out of balance, its the quick way to loosing the faithful player base. Ok, got this off my chest, now lets enjoy whats best in RF4 as the game can still deliver some great moment! Tight lines
  12. I remember there was a post on Russian forums about eventual player market place where you could sell stuff, I would really like to see it.
  13. "The vision of the game is for there to be a rate of progress for the players to insure longevity of game play. We wish to ensure that the player has something to strive for continuously and at a consistent rate of progress no matter what style of fishing they prefer" I play the game almost every day since the start and I can tell you that I have no idea how someone with less time can even progress at the moment. Game progression is very slow compared to any other game like this, there is no need in my opinion to "balance" it even more.
  14. You dont need Everest, keep the speed between 20-25 and it should work as long as you have the "Walking the dog" showing up.
  15. Not a fan of the feature, if it ain't broke, don't fix it
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