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  1. bart86pl

    Live and Baitfish

    What I learned so far after trying to baitfish for some time - you do need serious equipment if you want to use live bait in Ladoga or Sura. Most of the time I was getting tiny, tiny fish but when finally bigger fish bite, it was WAY beyond my 20 kg averge equipment - just like a submarine. I suspect very big sturgeons. My main goal with live bit was to get blue or at least yellow trophy of Burbot. At Kuori at perfect weather I was able to get only 1kg or less troll Burbs, maybe one around 4kg. Only bigger fish was VERY big pike that for obvious reasons cut my fluoro right off. So - it can be frustrating, be ready for some huge fish that will spool you, for random pikes that will bite your line off - but I guess its the risk of hunting for the trophy. I`m almost done with lvling my bait crafting upt to live fish so I will be able to try it with out using gold, maybe it will be less frustrating haha
  2. bart86pl

    Old Burg Lake

    I`m currently testing a decent bream spot. 61:40 casting in to 2,5 m hole - pea/garlic dough/redworm. Hook 12 - 8 with bream/white bream groundbait. Russian forum confirms same spot with trophies for normal bream.
  3. bart86pl

    Lake Ladoga

    This bug/feature?! where fish can swim in to this tiny river at the very west side of the lake has to be fixed! Same exact thing happened to me - once again lost gold bait, and tons of time looking for good spot/lake for it. Finally, finally I got very strong fish, was 100% sure that I can reel it in but it just got suck in the rock same as for poster above me. Things like this, (especially where you spend most of your time not getting fish but rather looking for good spot) is beyond frustrating. Loosing the big fish due to it getting stuck in the geometry where we player can even reach is not fair, not to mention that in my case it was pretty long fight. @diggersby I feel your pain, when RF4 decides to kick you, it really does it when you are already down and does it with all its might Another rage quit for Bart, ca after I cool down haha, the only game that does this to me is Dark Souls.
  4. bart86pl

    Kuori Lake

    In rain I use Hunter 1-002 (the dark one) and Ylin DP Crank 8-002 (the blue one). Seems to work pretty much all the time even in sun.
  5. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    Thanks for the tip, place do seem very active for smaller fish, lots of fun indeed!
  6. bart86pl

    Lake Ladoga

    Well done, great first blue!
  7. bart86pl


    Sadly last few days I had more fun with my stay at Penalty Pond as I was getting some fish there. In the main game I wasted some money on gold bait, I lost some time at Sura and Kuori catching nothing and then after getting Perch live bait for gold I got a slap in the face in form of "line cut fish theeth" but still was able to reel in and see the model of at least trophy pike that used to be on my line. And I typed something in chat that may put me in the penalty pond again lmao... Now in all seriousness my issue with the game lately is - I eater get amazing days with trophies and lots of fish, or dead silent nothing and bad RNG like with pike above that makes mine hate the game haha. Also still would like to see official feedback part of the forum like Russian one has with reviews and so on....
  8. bart86pl


    I typed certain Polish swear word in chat...
  9. bart86pl


    Greetings from penalty pond, yes it sucks:
  10. bart86pl


    My personal record for Tench, Old Burg, casting from the 47:20 east near the log at the right side. Night. setup:
  11. bart86pl


    There is no real option for expressing opinions especially on English forum as (unlike Russian one) we even dont have "review" section and "suggestion" one is close now. But as I stated - no competition of any kind so they can do whatever they feel like.
  12. bart86pl

    Sura River

    I`m trying out the 7,5 m hole at them moment with 2 nightcrawlers on decent 14-20kg setups (dont have the rhino bait atm) and its not very good - only small fish. Will try windmill later today hoping for some carp on algae. Really upset I missed on sturgeon ride from before the update
  13. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    I tried 100:93 yesterday - not many fish above 2kg but indeed constant action on 3 feeders with redworm/maggot. Pretty good spot.
  14. bart86pl


    Guys, just what in ever loving hell does it matter in game? Server just wont tick fish spawns in certain conditions and due to your recent luck/activity (at least I think so). Also its VERY random and often does not make much sense. Lets hope devs will balance things out.
  15. bart86pl


    In my personal opinion fishing game market is so populated at the moment that I dont think anybody will jump this wagon anymore. Actually I`m shocked this niche is so popular!
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