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  1. bart86pl

    Old Burg Lake

    10:44, earl morning, rainy/cold temp: casting in to the hole clip 22m, using 10/10 bream groundbait.
  2. bart86pl

    Old Burg Lake

    I was fishing in the above spot for last two days with good results, no trophy yet but I got many nice breams above 1kg every night. Good income and lots of fun. To add to the baits - Garlic works all the time, plus I had good results on redworm and especially Strawberry boilies 12 (works best in the morning). At night put whatever currently works for Burbot - Ruffie live bait/ Fish piece - I got 5kg Burbs there. Also worth mention I started to use spot rod with standard Bream mix and it boosted the bite rates/fish size imo.
  3. bart86pl

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    OK, thank you very much for the answer, I will try that!
  4. bart86pl

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Hey guys, do you have any tips, special "technique" of using spot rod? How long do you keep it in water? How often do you re throw? Do you use ground bait on main rods as well? I experiment myself of course, so far results are obviously improved when using spot.
  5. bart86pl

    Old Burg Lake

    Quality post mate, thank you very much!
  6. bart86pl

    Akhtuba River

    Nice one, gratz! I still lack equipment to try to hunt one of those monsters haha
  7. bart86pl

    Old Burg Lake

    Testing Tench spot from Russian forum at 70:50 Good results, lots of 1 - 2 kg Tench on Cheese cubes plus trophy Tench and Crucian on Strawberry 15, details below:
  8. bart86pl

    Old Burg Lake

    Very good spot man, thanks! Getting good results on redworm (Gibels, Eel) and cheese cubes (Grass carp, Tench)
  9. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    Got a very fun day around the same spot today (95:110) , lots of white breams with trophies, good few ruffie trophies and one blue bream trophy (made a post with setup in the fish subforum). Pretty much use very light setup with leadres up to 3.2kg and small hooks. Best baits on Redworm. Lots of folks getting same results from what I can see. Its a decent money maker and it wont destroy your wallet with repairs.
  10. bart86pl

    Blue Bream

    Volkhov 92:105 sunny evening, casting East clip 26: setup:
  11. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    White Bream spot at 95:110 clip 25m cast East. Hook small 10, redworm and redworm 10 boilies.
  12. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    By this time I got a few and my first 780g trophy Blue. Looks like I was casting little too far - did not set the clip. BTW - I had no idea that trophy Blue gives so much silver, I got around 100 for it! Here is the lucky setup:
  13. bart86pl

    Volkhov River

    The 71:100 is very live indeed! Funny thing, with the same setups as you guys I did not get any Blue Breams yet, just net after net of fat Roach that I immediately made in to tasty dry fish!
  14. bart86pl

    Akhtuba River

    Any good spots for short headed barbel at the moment? I only got a few of those since the Akhtuba release in various random places along the canals but never got a spot that could be farmed.
  15. bart86pl

    Sura River

    Beautiful Sterlet, congratz! Never had one on the live Ruffe.
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