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  1. Hello I have a doubt What is the difference between the leaders of 15cm 20cm and 25cm?
  2. Tks for help me...i go now try
  3. I use Loop Rig Line: Snake Power Brid 50LB SMO 300M (22.8KG) Leader: 22.5KG Hook: 1 and 2 Bersek Hooks Ultra Series But i dont catch Buffalo...i catch Grass Carp and Common Carp
  4. Hello I would like you to help me create a setup for Buffalo. Can you help please
  5. Tks for help me. I donĀ“t know is setting up a setup for Buffalo. But i will try
  6. I can`t catch Buffalo over 9kg. I have been trying for 2 day. Can anyone help?
  7. What spots do you recommend??
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