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  1. Mapa: Lago Old Burg Localização: 47:20 Dia de Sol CLIP: 9
  2. Mapa: Old Burg Lake Localizacao: 47:20 Dia de Sol CLIP: 9 47-20
  3. slashaway


    Why is it so hard to get an eel in old Burg? I've been since saturday (real life) trying to catch only 1 fish eel and no, many, many days fishing in old burg and no eel appears, why did the eel disappear? A few months ago I took a lot of them, you slowed the bite down so much, it got so boring now. Many people in the chat are saying the same thing, the bite rate is too low (even for premium players, I'm premium). Please pay attention to this and the eel as well. I tried everywhere in the whole map Old Burg I have tried everywhere on the map of Old Burg all over
  4. The rod is very important to cushion the weight of the fish, so the heavy rod
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