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  1. but if i have a steam acc and stand alone acc , may I open a 3 stasnd alone acc and how?
  2. Everything its fine now
  3. Now I see that I have access but it does not recognize my username or password and I do not want to block the ip again.
  4. My name in the game is mystyk67 and it looks like I can't log in anymore. I tried to change the password and then I saw the blocked IP. It's my fault because I've done this a few times. Can you help me reconnect? I have a steam account with the game name mTk and a standalone account with the name mysytyk67. Can I still have a standalone account? I saw that there are players with multiple accounts, how can this be done? Thank you
  5. Hi, Do you know anything about this annoying bug? I mean, I worked hard to be able to use sbirolino on matchrod, and it's extremely annoying to keep shooting from a great distance because everything disappears. I have exactly the same problem as my colleague above. I would greatly appreciate a solution to this fact. Thank you very much and I sincerely appreciate everything you do for this wonderful game. My name in the game is mTk2
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