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  1. lol the ide having trouble getting that the lake is dead since i got my perch hahahaa
  2. Guys Finally got my trophy perch on Mosquito this came in with bleak using size 4 extra large hooks i was on spot 48:62
  3. Hiya guys jsut wanted to ask is there any plans for a gold /prem sale for the 4th july would love to see more of these poping up as thre very rare atm
  4. i have to say i have experienced all these problems but i love the game and there is nothing out there like it so i stick with it. yes ive lost days worth of happy hour due to these bugs where i can login catch a few fish and then error text so i restart the game and catch a few more then its frozen again lol also gold bait i have bought before the lastest hotfix patch it was all fish lost. i have lost a few big fish due to the please wait but i will continue to play. i do think rf4 should revert the patch and try to fix these bugs alot of people are leaving and its more day by day. maybe there could be a gold sale or something to ease tentions among the rf4 community i dont know but it may help i am addicted to this game and i will be here for the long run! fingers crossed it will be sorted soon
  5. hiya just a quick post the game is still freezing and still getting please wait on screen done all the trouble shoot steps and still conts. instead of 9999ms ping its now error showing
  6. i must admit i did get kinda the same problem i had a game timeout and 9999ms ping after it all unfroze which was about 5 mins i tryed to change my reel to my other rod and the reel got deleted but i relogged 2 times and it was back i was so relieved it was back as i spent a long time saving up for my reels hahahaa
  7. get a boat ticket and then put it in to troll mode with j and drive around it and place the rod in the rod holders and dont forget to hotkey your rods to 1 and 2
  8. yes i keep getting them today on every fish caught i have already done all the steps on troubleshooting its has not helped im just stuck getting spammed with OPERATION TIMED OUT and 9999ms ping after every fish caught im on belaya river atm and before that it did it on bear lake 2 times i lost 45 mins of my happy hour due to this
  9. ok so the only other thing i can provide to the post is that wont really be much of a help is my system specs as these bugs only started since the update AMD Ryzen 2700X Asus Strix X370 16GB DDR4 3200MHz GTX 1080 8Gb Windows 10 professional
  10. just a short list of game bugs since the update i was 100% bug free before hand this only happend since that update dont want to be a complainer but here is the list * Operation timed out at random times have to reload the game have tryed to use udp and tcp and still happens * Lost fish contiunes for 3 fish or more and the rod dose not even move line stays tight then bait dissapears from the hook * Fish on hook and rod not setting the alarms off road just sits silent with no way of knowing * Please wait screen (note had no problems before the update only started since the update happended) * Bait is not chosen when bait fishing and landing a fish have to reselect it (using bleak and gudgeon maybe others also not sure) * bug with groundbait not picked when bringing fish in * friend had bug with groundbait not being shown as used made a stack of 20 and manged to use 25 balls so he had 5 free balls of gb * invisible snags are still a thing on certain spots * fish are still swimming threw the map/banks on actuba
  11. nope ive tryed every angle its being like this for a while now ever since the textures got fixed on them i did post about them a while back. i just though it would get fixed in time but since the silent alarms got brighter and fixed i though i would post about them again as they must of being forgotton
  12. i dont know if it just me but when the bite alarms go off i can not see the lights on them at all its very very faint. i will add a photo is this a bug or hows its ment to be??? ive noticed the silent alarms are perfect with light its just these that are odd
  13. LoneWulvss

    Bear Lake

    grass carp are still taking from 44:50 using strawberry 20's and size 1 large. caught this not long ago today. Still working on trophy leathers and mirrors just need to get some good gb mix or pva on the go.
  14. here we go nightcrawler this one took on hope it helps with a deadly loop s1/0
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