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  1. LoneWulvss

    Bear Lake

    Trophy Black Carp 44:50 Clip 21 Large 1 hook Soild Materials Carp Leadcore Gravel Camo Old Pal Sweet cream pellets 18 Craft Baits honey Pear 20 Sol didnt use any pva or dips
  2. hi guys any good spots for crayfish , Chub, Dace, donets Ruffe, Zebra Mussels latley not much info is being shared would like to compleate my trophy list for winding
  3. hey hows the fishing going guys ? so yeah dose anyone have a working pva/gb mixes they are willing to share it seems to be hard to track them down now as no one is really updating or posting info for some reason lol
  4. the "Frame sided carp" is still in Russian Lang on the English side i dont understands hahahha ive tryed to google it and its not a fish
  5. had to giggle at number 9 a 10 but yeah so much new stuff to learn. i took a break because how slow everything was getting came back and boom so manynew things i spent over 1k so far on new items
  6. hiya fishers can someone please explain to me some of the new changes im so confused right now after taking a break from the game came back to day and im like to much info lol what do i do hahaha what do i need i normaly carp fish/bottom fish if that helps
  7. ok all sorted now i suffer from really bad anxiety and it was getting to me lol so i looked at the log file it created and from what was in it i found my problem lol im all sorted and back fishing
  8. hiya just a quick post trying to play rf4 game wont load i see the fish swimming screen them boom game closes ive tryed a reinstall ive deleted everything in %Appdata% to do with rf4 and ive even ran the game as admin still wont work i dont want to really use the launcher as i like to have all my games in 1 place. im all out of idears nothing on my pc has changed apart from all the rf4 updates any advice would really help thanks
  9. what did you have in your groundbait for the crayfish please im trying to target this shell fish atm
  10. finally pulled in my trophy ide guys was on spot 51:59 24m cast using size 12 deadly loops with salmon 14 early morning
  11. lol the ide having trouble getting that the lake is dead since i got my perch hahahaa
  12. Guys Finally got my trophy perch on Mosquito this came in with bleak using size 4 extra large hooks i was on spot 48:62
  13. get a boat ticket and then put it in to troll mode with j and drive around it and place the rod in the rod holders and dont forget to hotkey your rods to 1 and 2
  14. LoneWulvss

    Bear Lake

    grass carp are still taking from 44:50 using strawberry 20's and size 1 large. caught this not long ago today. Still working on trophy leathers and mirrors just need to get some good gb mix or pva on the go.
  15. here we go nightcrawler this one took on hope it helps with a deadly loop s1/0
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