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  1. LoneWulvss

    Mosquito Lake

    oh i know lol i hope it didnt matter as i didnt take screenshots of them there but the were caught there it just gives people a roughf idear of the fish they can get there. will try and take screnshots next time at the same lake
  2. LoneWulvss

    Old Burg Lake

    Ok So we have some nice spots here for fish if you want trophys & black carp check out these and give it a try Spot 21:68 Spot 16:70 Spot 6:61 Hook Size From 6-12 and Deadly loop Cl-18 S1/0 You can use Redworms, Worms, Garlic Doe,Potato,Cheese
  3. LoneWulvss

    Mosquito Lake

    Ok So we have some nice spots here for fish if you want trophys check out these and give it a try Spot 35:49 Spot 37:56 Spot 48:42 Hook Size From 6-12 You can use Redworms, Worms, Garlic Doe, Wet Bread, Pearl Barley, Maggot & more basic baits
  4. LoneWulvss

    White-eye Bream

    Dose anyone have any good spots for White eyed bream on Volk Please i have tryed 71:100 and no luck
  5. LoneWulvss

    Blue Bream

    all this spot is doing is common roach for me few hours in to it
  6. LoneWulvss

    Chinese Sleeper

    is this post outdated as i caught a trophy and it was 595g and this post says it may reach a length of 25 cm and a weight up to 300 g but i have caught almost a 600g
  7. LoneWulvss

    Bear Lake

    are there any good spots i took a break back in october due to the loss of fish after the patch and came back and it seems like all fish are gone still not had any big fish or anything over 3kg
  8. LoneWulvss

    Bear Lake

    need little help guys why is it since the new map update fish are very rare now all week i have only caught less than 30 fish im on bear lake using the bait that i always do and it used to get me alot of fish 20kg plus now im lucky to break 2kg in a day
  9. LoneWulvss

    Golden Tench

    any good spots for golden tench on bear please
  10. LoneWulvss


    Hello.. I was getting alot of fish lastnight i was getting mirror, leather, grass and common on Bear with as of the 15/09/2018 hope this helps someone Diced potatoes Halibut Boilies
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