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  1. has anyone had any luck for carp on burg or know of any spots where there taking
  2. Vendace 516g Trophy Bait double mayfly spot was 25:52 Grid ref is B8 Clip 1m 6,4kg Fluro leader Size 18 hook Caught on syberia fortuna bolognese 700 rod cast was almost full east
  3. servers are down again and i lost my last day of happy hour/prem do we know when they will be back up
  4. yup its your desktop screen resolution try setting it to 1920x1080 and then ingame reset it up for me it looks like 800-600 lol back to the good old days of windows 95
  5. LoneWulvss


    yeah its gone very silly over the past 3 years with price's of items, rng, no fish, and the time it takes to get something decient and basicly the game i know of a hell of a lot of streamers who used to avg around 50-100 viewers have quit this game we gave so much into promoting it and to get nothing back in return. just like the prem we love to support the game if we get something in return or a better chance of fishing for example i was helping a new player level 1 out 2 days ago and it took him 4 hours to get from level 1 to level 3 just to use a rod setup i sent him from the tackle store. he was in the right spots right setups and bait and it to far to long for him to catch fish somthing needs to change its a great game has lots of potential please think about where its heading and what it is like for the new players and give something back to the guys who have played for a long long time like a better catch chance thats what the skills are for!! and they dont work. i have played for 5 years have really good gear and i still catch silly fish. When i was level 15 i was told there getting better and bigger fish because they have better gear so i worked and grinded to get 3 tagaras and nothing so i grinded for a gold venga and still nothing so what is going on lol im almost level 40 please please some things need to be redone
  6. think he ment here in the 6m hole or close to it
  7. This was removed a few years back it was a feature not sure if it was supposed to be in
  8. This would be a great idear i did suggest this about 2 years ago and at the time they said it would impact game fps and cause to much lag for players it would be a nice feature to have and if you want it on have a option in the settings to enable/disable this
  9. this is where you would have to buy some gold to reset your skill points again to add them correctly where you wanted them as you only get 1 free reset on skills
  10. has anyone got any latest info on old burg lake we need to get the forum more active to help out new players im trying to find spots here to compleate my trophy card but there is no info anywhere
  11. wooow so many changes on here hahaha going to take some time to get used to but anyhow has anyone got any good spots and setups that work for bear
  12. here we go nightcrawler this one took on hope it helps with a deadly loop s1/0
  13. i used to catch them on cheese and deadly loops s1/0 all over on bear lake but not seen 1 in a few weeks and the spot was 44.50 in the lillys i will try there now and see if i can pull any in i will post back when i have something
  14. Dose anyone have any good spots for White eyed bream on Volk Please i have tryed 71:100 and no luck
  15. all this spot is doing is common roach for me few hours in to it
  16. is this post outdated as i caught a trophy and it was 595g and this post says it may reach a length of 25 cm and a weight up to 300 g but i have caught almost a 600g
  17. any good spots for golden tench on bear please
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