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  1. Urgh my head spin.. so now it not about complaining about not catching fish but cheater?? Did they use some sort of 3rd party program to automatic catch them fish or auto reel for them? (I know they exist but let focus on your point) ' you reel in a fish using your rod and backwards walking to drag the fish in without using the reel too much' dun not sound like a cheater to me..Any mod can clear that up, is that not allowed?? Dun easily brand people cheater mate. i dun know where ur heading at now, the topic is about Ti legacy bending while fish on, not about not catching fish, not about some sort of rule how they should be caught. From your 'Just stop blaming the rods for not catching fish dudes It is a bit too funny', i just want explanation why you said that when the topic about Ti legacy rod bend why the fish on.
  2. Im also do not mind about how rod bend because for me the slow reeling speed of venga are bigger issue. but the problem is you said about the topic come up because people not catching fish, i re read this topic 4,5 times, no one saying about not catching fish so maybe I miss something?english not my main language so can you explain / point at me where in this topic people complaining about not catching fish?
  3. @Rudolf Nansen Can you explain how this topic come up because people not catching fish? All i know, the rod bended because 'you are catching fish' and people are not happy how the rod bend working right now.
  4. hello, Trophy Small Southern Stickleback Location : 131 121 Depth : 33 cm
  5. Two slap in the face @Goregrinder, they should include all the change in the patch note before the update. Yes of course people will angry, but the case like catched livebait cant be turn into livebait after update can be avoided. Change in the office bring nothing with this kind of poor communication from the developer. All i see is they trying to make use spend gold on livebait but it not gonna to happen , at least from me.
  6. They dun even reward us for just playing the game. In my 15 years of gaming experience, this game among the worst in rewarding player for just playing the game. Even achievement give you nothing, no exp, no silver , no item or baits reward not even 1 plain worm. Idk what the purpose of that achievement page in the first place. Being in beta not an excuse to overlook some of important aspect in online gaming like achievement reward. Dun get me wrong, this game still fun to play but obviously less less less fun than it use to be.I stop buying premium 5 months ago , because it feel like the developer only want us to spend money without giving anything back and heading to the wrong direction. I think i spend enough on this game , ill wait what new direction this game is going before start spending on premium again.
  7. Hello @Largonaute, Seem the spot still working fine just less herring. Cant comment on if the exp in spinning effect your silver/hour , maybe moderator can answer that. I attached lure that working for me today esp ULF Crank 3-002, small but had good bite with big Asp.
  8. Hello, @Marcoz For anyone who interested in trolling targeting Asp. they bite well this week. For last cpl day real life i keep trolling and make averaging at least 300-600 silver per hour.i attached location and some lure which are working- some handmade ,some u can just buy at tackle shop or just try with any lure u have 1st . Day - red and orange seem to work well. During the night change to any darker colour - i prefer black topwater (and big asp do bite during the night) . I troll with 3 rod , u can use UL for 3rd rod ,alot herring( black-spine usually at the bottom circle) and sichel will bite.
  9. xoxixo


    Hello , After getting to many livebait pearch trolling at Volhkov, i decide to go for livebait fishing at Belaya targeting taimen. Big bite after 2mins . Location : 73 50 Clip : no clip, just full cast targeting depth hole ( targetting around 6.5m area ) Fish worth 117 silver, quite low for 28kg fish, but they dun fight to long (around 10-15mins) .
  10. xoxixo


    the reel can fill up to 419m line but the line u use only 300m long..use devilbrail 450m for full reel circle
  11. xoxixo

    Bear Lake

    Hello, Location : 44 50 Rig : Float Rig with Wrangler ,sandiwh bait Clip : 25m, depth 2.3m
  12. Hello, my 2nd trophy sturgeon at the same spot, Location: 44 50 Clip : 40m Rig : Basic Bottom rig with no point at rig Bait : Rhino - a lot small sturgeon but the trophy come with Rhino Mole - catfish favourite for now Cochafer - alot good bite with sturgeon + nase River Mussel - small sturgeon , small wild carp Nighcrawler - I tend to fish with nc at night to avoid burbot taking high lvl bait, but some good sturgeon,burbot and sterlet also bite on it Crayfish, Zebra mussel - not try
  13. @reelmeharder that spod rod just for groundbaits can be use as 4th rod,you still fishing with max 3 rods
  14. B8 clip 38m, Cochafer larvae. livebait gonna attract catfish
  15. Same spot same setup as above
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