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  1. xoxixo

    Akhtuba River

    Same spot same setup as above
  2. xoxixo

    Akhtuba River

    ty @MOOYONGZ for the spot, my 1st trophy wild carp Location : 101:57 Bait : Tuna 20 Clip : 25m
  3. xoxixo

    Old Burg Lake

    thx @Levo, finally got my 1st trophy eel, same spot (47.21) clip 10m . tried yesterday for 4 nights only got the biggest 2.8kg. Trophy today at my 1st night .
  4. xoxixo

    Akhtuba River

    Hello guys, I spend couple hours at H9,H10 fishing with livebait, result as below : Spot :143 23 Time Spend : 3 hours Rig : bottom livebait rig clip 26m Result : 1086 silver earn Trophy Zander (Gibel) Trophy Beloribitsa (Bleak) -my 2nd trophy, the 1st one also at same exact location yesterday Conclusion ; in term of biterate - poor , spend 90% of the time digging with shovel than fighting fish in term of silver earn - good
  5. xoxixo

    Akhtuba River

    Doing some trolling today at the bottom of the map, looking for trophy Asp or Caspian Brown but still no luck..Overall still good silver earn in 4 hours trolling (including around 45mins afk) . If anyone looking for Caspian Brown, they seem to bite around 7am-9-am and 7pm-12am, and Trophy Chub after 12 am. Only trolling from location below up until small island ,past the small island , Pike start biting.Use fluro line for better bite rate
  6. xoxixo

    Akhtuba River

    Hello @Goregrinder, same location Spot: 76:49 (E8 on the map) Clip: 22m Rig: Method Rig Baits: Halibut 20
  7. xoxixo

    Persian Sturgeon

    yup i agree enzo, for now it not worth to catch beluga..this fish is strong and for 30kg only price below 100silver..this fish mainly stay at main river so u need to use braid line and it time consuming to land this fish with braid..i need to use braid 23kg to has at least 300m in spool for bestia 8000 and usually for 30kg the fight are between 30-50mins..
  8. xoxixo

    Lake Ladoga

    Hello Guys, I tried couple location at lagoda for casting and my conclusion this are the best spot for Char now (at lest working great for me) Location: 77:30 Main Passage H7 Rig : Texas (speed 30) casting toward North -west ( Green Minnow 80-006 also work too)
  9. xoxixo

    Lake Ladoga

    Location 66:33 Quiet Island Trophy Red char with livebait Bleak 50% cast with carp rod
  10. xoxixo

    Bear Lake

    Rare Grass Location : 44:50 Clip 22m over lilypad
  11. xoxixo

    Baits Q&A

    hi SwagnusSwagnusson, Personally i see no different in digging location, i got mole cricket and rhino larvae pretty much everywhere,on jetty or even from a rock. when u hit 100%, mole cricket(95%) will become more easy to get,and concafer (90%) obviously much more easy digging is super random, i dig like 50 times and get nothing no mole cricket or rhino, next 20 dig 2 moles and 2 rhinos i see no different for the last 5%,maybe much more easy (just my opinion,no data to support that statement,like a reward from developer for reaching the end of bait harvest,haha), and crayfish tail, river mussel and zebra musssel are much more easy to get than rhino because u can target those bait fishing at volhkov.there is no size limit for crayfish and mussels to turn into bait.u just need 4900 silver professional knife and it really worth to buy. p/s i hope u can understand what i wrote,english not my 1st language and gl mate
  12. xoxixo

    Akhtuba River

    MR bleak
  13. xoxixo

    Baits Q&A

    Finally hit 100% in bait harvesting today here are what i crafted to get to 100% (happy hour +premium to craft).
  14. xoxixo

    Baits Q&A

    3 points for using a shovel, dig around over 500 times(maybe more, to tired to count) for a whooping 3 mole crickets..well play Russian Digging 4
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