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  1. After 18 irl hours straight ingame they finally came up from the bottom! 7.5M, you know the deal! Rhinos! can't lie about that i was scared with this setup lol! thanks for all the cool tips.
  2. wow! thank you so much Tenzen! very appericated. @Tenzen iv'e had a super day at Sura actually!
  3. Thank you Tenzen! that is helpful. Atm this is my current setup, iv'e been fishing in the 7.5m hole & the 4.5m hole at Sura and had a very different success (from weather etc) iv'e always used Rhinos, and my groundbait includes, 1. Chopped Worm / 2. Fly maggots / 3. Blood worms / 4. fish oil.
  4. Very nice Reyder! any recommendations for us who can't use PVA sticks yet? since that is 100% in feeder. and what cordinates? i thought u needed to cast 80-100% to reach the 7.5m hole! good info here!
  5. i mean, couldnt that happen in real life? try not to see the game "mechanics" it's supposed to be as realistic as possible! but i understand ur frustration. @Reyder9999
  6. Is it just me, or is sunny weather above 20+ in Sura not ideal? because i am not catching much at all! im pretty new to the river, and iv'e caught some nice Sturgeons already in the 7.5m hole, but it seems to be best when it's cloudy or rainy. What other specied could i target during warm weather? Cheers / JagarN
  7. awesome! im going to try that! very slow fishing right now! but the weather seems to change soon.
  8. wow! amazing! im very new to Sura, do you have any good tips? where to fish, what bait and what time, degrees etc? well done Enzo kind regards! JagarN
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