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  1. More than 30 minutes and still on the Loading Profile screen
  2. Pecjicata

    Bear Lake

    Another 4 and a half hours of fishing on 55:33.Bait: Cream mango 20/Sweet corn 20/Potatoes. *Fish is sort by SIZE*
  3. Pecjicata

    Bear Lake

    6 Hours fishing today on 55:33 at Bear Lake.Full net = 840 silver *Tried every bait(Cream mango 20/15....Sweet Corn 20/14....Potatoes,Cabbage leaf,everything*. Only 5 fishes over 10 kg. and the rest is below 10. Can't tell what bait works the best but most of the bites were on Cream Mango 20 and Potatoes. The spot is not dead but the bites are very slow....
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