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  1. This is exactly the reason why I decided to leave RF4 3 month ago when I found a new full-time work. With 2 kids, a girlfriend and a job, I just didn't have the time to play it anymore. As a former professionnal journalist of jeuxvideo.com (biggest french spoken website), I'm still impressed by this blasting realistic sim, by far the best fishing sim I ever reviewed or played. Anyway, as a player, I had to give up because of the dev team balancing choices and it's really sad. Thanks anyway to devs for this jewel, admins and people for sharing those nice moments with you in RF4.
  2. Much appreciated. Thank you Grigny
  3. Sure, but some of them are more accessible than others. Maybe a little staff guide may help
  4. Well, I was happy to unlock this area last week but after spending many days trolling here I have to admit I make at least 3x much money at Kuori so what's the point ? Maybe it's the same thing than Belaya River... A beautiful new water body for specialized fishing only...
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply, Butcher. I've got 3 points in paternoster. Should I keep them or reset them asap in loop which seems to be an upgraded version of the first skill ?
  6. Hi, Can you please explain the differences between a loop and a paternoster rig ? It says loop is used to fish in the current but I don't see the point. Thanks
  7. This is a great spot indeed! Thank you guys for sharing it Btw, got my first (little) trophy volga zander here
  8. Two fishing styles at the same time
  9. Finally found some eels in the 4,5 hole (NC, hook #6). Didn't catch any wether jigging in the other holes nor in the pond... By the way, how should I target zanders with a Heavy Duty rod and Sputnik Alpha 8000 reel ? I Tried jigging with week records plastic lures on large #1 to extra large #2/0 hooks but I only caught little ones. Any advice will be most welcome Cheers
  10. Ok, I'll try this. Thanks for the reply
  11. So, I'am new to Sura now. 7,5 hole didn't work so good for me but I got some sterlets and nice asps around the 4,5 and a bit further. I see eels can be caught on the records. Does someone actually now where ? Thanks
  12. Dharn_RF4


    Winding Rivulet (107:100) on pea porridge
  13. Volkhov still crayfish paradise with trophies almost every night
  14. Dharn_RF4


    Seems that burbot selling price has been nerfed a lot Am I right ?
  15. Following your instructions, got the third french record in one IG day with a 4.597 asp I'm only 44% spinning and I use lvl 16 tackle so every mid level player can achieve this. Got 138 silver and decent amount of XP too For ides and chubs, I set 2 feeders rods with pea porridge on hook 6 while spinning.
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