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  1. Dharn_RF4

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Thanks for the detailed reply, Butcher. I've got 3 points in paternoster. Should I keep them or reset them asap in loop which seems to be an upgraded version of the first skill ?
  2. Dharn_RF4

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Hi, Can you please explain the differences between a loop and a paternoster rig ? It says loop is used to fish in the current but I don't see the point. Thanks
  3. Dharn_RF4

    Sura River

    This is a great spot indeed! Thank you guys for sharing it Btw, got my first (little) trophy volga zander here
  4. Dharn_RF4

    Campfire stories

    Two fishing styles at the same time
  5. Dharn_RF4

    Sura River

    Finally found some eels in the 4,5 hole (NC, hook #6). Didn't catch any wether jigging in the other holes nor in the pond... By the way, how should I target zanders with a Heavy Duty rod and Sputnik Alpha 8000 reel ? I Tried jigging with week records plastic lures on large #1 to extra large #2/0 hooks but I only caught little ones. Any advice will be most welcome Cheers
  6. Dharn_RF4

    Sura River

    Ok, I'll try this. Thanks for the reply
  7. Dharn_RF4

    Sura River

    So, I'am new to Sura now. 7,5 hole didn't work so good for me but I got some sterlets and nice asps around the 4,5 and a bit further. I see eels can be caught on the records. Does someone actually now where ? Thanks
  8. Dharn_RF4


    Winding Rivulet (107:100) on pea porridge
  9. Dharn_RF4

    Volkhov River

    Volkhov still crayfish paradise with trophies almost every night
  10. Dharn_RF4


    Seems that burbot selling price has been nerfed a lot Am I right ?
  11. Dharn_RF4

    Winding Rivulet - In Search of Big Asp

    Following your instructions, got the third french record in one IG day with a 4.597 asp I'm only 44% spinning and I use lvl 16 tackle so every mid level player can achieve this. Got 138 silver and decent amount of XP too For ides and chubs, I set 2 feeders rods with pea porridge on hook 6 while spinning.
  12. Dharn_RF4

    Winding Rivulet - In Search of Big Asp

    Great guide! Thanks a lot
  13. Dharn_RF4

    Report a Bug

    Don't know if it's a common issue : Using feeder rods after a trolling session, when I pick up a rod from the ground then line tension increases so much in a sec that I lose most of fishes hanged. I tried to lower friction brake a lot before setting the rods on the ground but it does nothing. I have to open bail before reeling if I want to pick up a rod safely and it's quite boring. I dont have this bug if if fish bottom before having trolled on a boat.
  14. Dharn_RF4

    Volkhov River

    Since updates, Volkhov has become a cash machine for mid-level players like me. My rods and tackles are very affordable and I earn around 200 silver / IG day going for crawfishes at night + salmons and asps during day Here's what I got yesterday :
  15. Dharn_RF4

    Freshwater Crayfish

    Got several trophies those late days at Volkhov : - night - deep (10m) - feeder rod - hook 6 - NC or FP One night fishing = around 100 silver
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