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  1. Dharn_RF4

    Report a Bug

    Don't know if it's a common issue : Using feeder rods after a trolling session, when I pick up a rod from the ground then line tension increases so much in a sec that I lose most of fishes hanged. I tried to lower friction brake a lot before setting the rods on the ground but it does nothing. I have to open bail before reeling if I want to pick up a rod safely and it's quite boring. I dont have this bug if if fish bottom before having trolled on a boat.
  2. Dharn_RF4

    Volkhov River

    Since updates, Volkhov has become a cash machine for mid-level players like me. My rods and tackles are very affordable and I earn around 200 silver / IG day going for crawfishes at night + salmons and asps during day Here's what I got yesterday :
  3. Dharn_RF4

    Freshwater Crayfish

    Got several trophies those late days at Volkhov : - night - deep (10m) - feeder rod - hook 6 - NC or FP One night fishing = around 100 silver
  4. Dharn_RF4


    Gz and thanks for sharing coords, i'll try it
  5. Dharn_RF4


    Here's my report for a 2h IRL trolling session at volk, earning around 300 silver : - Yeah Hunter 1-003 very good for salmons (around 4 kg and more). - Soturi 22-009 is nice for asps and mid-size salmons (3-4 kg). - I also tried New Invader 150 - 8 - 002 and got a few big fishes (> 6 kg I'd say) too large for my tackle. - I finally tried new Raptor 100 - 8 - 006 but only caught an asp (2.5 kg).
  6. Dharn_RF4


    I tried it and got some nice atlantic salmons at Volkhov. More than with Funky Minnow S11-004. So thanks again
  7. Dharn_RF4


    Thanks bart, which one exactly ?
  8. Dharn_RF4


    What are the new spoons good at ? Did someone try them ?
  9. Dharn_RF4


    Are the new wobblers worth it ? Have you tested them ? I wonder if they are as effective as -say- Funky minnow for instance. Thanks
  10. Dharn_RF4

    Technical Issues

    Problem fixed Thanks Elwood
  11. Dharn_RF4


    Hi, I heard about switching lamp off and staying far from the rods to increase catch chances. Is it true ? Furthermore, where can we catch eels at Volkhov River ? Are there good spots here ? Thanks
  12. Dharn_RF4

    Technical Issues

    Hello, Can't play the game anymore for it always freezes trying to load Volkhov River map after logging on Steam. I Have to restart my computer each time so I don't have crash report or such things.. Never had a problem in 300 hours. Didn't change anything on my computer. Checked files integrity. Tried to uninstall/reinstall files. Nothing works.....
  13. Dharn_RF4


    Thank you for your advices
  14. Dharn_RF4

    Soft plastic

    Hi, I've just unlocked jigging rig. Can you guys give me some tips with jigging lures choice and good some spots (I'm lvl 17). I use tackle below. Thanks
  15. Dharn_RF4


    Hi, spinning at Kuori I can't find a way to step jig my Hunter 1 lure. Any advice with tackle below ?
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