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  1. Dharn_RF4


    Thank you for your advices
  2. Dharn_RF4

    Soft plastic

    Hi, I've just unlocked jigging rig. Can you guys give me some tips with jigging lures choice and good some spots (I'm lvl 17). I use tackle below. Thanks
  3. Dharn_RF4


    Hi, spinning at Kuori I can't find a way to step jig my Hunter 1 lure. Any advice with tackle below ?
  4. Dharn_RF4

    Zebra Mussel

    Well, some mussels in this game managed to bend my bottom rod and pull 50 meters of line before I take them out of water. Even more hilarious, I actually can fish mussels with... a spinner rod (Winding Rivulet 90.103)
  5. Dharn_RF4

    White Bream

    Any spot for these, guys ?
  6. Dharn_RF4

    Winding Rivulet

    Edit : expect around 50 more silver by fishing at night (ruffes) and completing some coffee orders.
  7. Dharn_RF4

    Winding Rivulet

    86:103 is an awesome spot for beginners and people who are looking for easy money. Just come here with feeder rods equiped with tiny 20 hook and maggots or Bloodworms. Tons of fishes and mussels (including trophies) very easy to catch will bite all day long alowing you to earn around 50 silver per day.
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