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  1. Thx my friend. Okay. Im abandon the game about 8 months,so this is a new "feature" for me.. im playing this game all time after this.and in the old times this method is works fine for me. anyway,thanks for the help guys.
  2. im talk about this my friend. wtf (1).mp4
  3. Yeah,im know this,but its absurd my friend.so whats then the fish is hooked the its vanished?.. im think its a bug
  4. Hi guys! a have a big problem,after i hooked a fish (check with "r" shows auto adjust.) thats ok,but the fish is vanished from my rod.. no massage in the chat: fish got away.. :( im restarted the game,my pc, i bought new hooks,restart the internet router,check integrity in steam..and the problem is still here.. PLS someone help me.
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