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  1. you get 1 point per level up to 19 .. 2 points for the twenties and 3 points for the thirties
  2. i keep going back every so often and giving it a try ... but it mostly costs me more to fish there than my catch is worth ... its just so slow. wish they would have put the island closer to the 18m hole so i could get a feeder in there...i know you can with shift cast but if a big fish gets your bait its suicide
  3. diggersby

    Baits Q&A

    Whats the point!!! happy hour ... over 250 items crafted 1.2 points gained 51 baitfish .. 140 egg Dough .. 35 polenta .. 20 honey dough .. 4 frogs .. 8 pieces of fish suppose its better than the 0.2 points yesterday and the whopping 0 points the day before that Im crafting baits then cooking then baits then cooking etc So the massive point total today took me just over the 90% mark so i spent an hour digging for the new cockchafer lava i unlocked .. got 2 pieces in a hour so whats the point ... massive grind for no reward
  4. After one 30lb leader broke..another line i had to cut third time lucky ..no it gets stuck behind a rock
  5. How do you get to 8m hole .. do you have to cast from the opposite bank
  6. 119:121 session 1 rain stopped play ...caught a trophy, all was going well to the rain came .. didnt get a bite for 5 in game hours .. so i gave up, net half empty, cursing the rain session 2 oh so close... rained again but this time all hell broke loose .. game decided to tease me and give me 2x4kg bream but rewarded me with a trophy nase, once again when i got to 60ish fish in my net the bites stopped, the temp was ok and i had the wind in my face. Took me another in game day to catch another 12 fish. posted pics if anyone wants to try the spot..clipped 25m trophies on RW .
  7. i agree, i also have covered numerous places in Volkhov. i have only found the one spot, which is not pulling many bream over 2kg . seems that i am spending more of my playing time looking for fish than actually catching fish.it makes me wonder if there is only one school of fish in the whole of the river. i dont know how other people feel but if ive only got a couple of hours to play, i dont want to be spending the whole time just trying to find fish. i know i can go fish for eel in old burg but it gets dull after a few days sitting at the same spot. That leads to another point out of all the water bodies there are only two decent spots, and i aint fishing for cats.
  8. Is there any groundbait component that repels catfish
  9. nice eel .. seen it pop up in chat yesterday
  10. yep since Sunday i find myself struggling again ... there was the eels in old burg and i found some bream in volkhov and they are mostly under 2kg, ok for levelling bait crafting not for silver.Its got to the stage where im losing the interest and will to play.
  11. i find it funny, but not when it happens to me lol it just dont make sense sometimes the larva is bigger than it .same as perch taking livebait bigger than it.
  12. diggersby

    Spinning Reels

    in the patch notes for next release We have re-visited some goods that for one reason or another have not been in demand. As such, many reels will be revamped with the next update and their parameters altered. Hope they dont nerf my new reel ... took long enough to save for it
  13. yea i know .. one is the original and one is steam.
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