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  1. 20 hours ago, Elwoodiath2 said:

    Hello - this is not a bug, there are actually two areas on Ladoga where this can happen, and that is one of them. The other area is on the other end where the buoys are. When fishing near areas like this you need to be extra careful and work hard to turn the fish. Having heavier gear in those areas can help too.


    Thanks for clearing that out. Good to know this can happen.


    I have seen this happen two times already but it is the first time it has happened to me. Don't know if it is supposed to be possible but as you can see in the picture below the fish "broke trough" the barrier. No need in saying i got spooled and my friction bake got hammered to 27% on my ultra light rod as fish never stoppod even for a second after going trough the barrier.


    Dont know if it is a bug but wanted to point it out as a possible scenario for anyone fishing at ladoga.




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