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  1. Nvm, tried to get some % with method, never used it, and got 0.1% from bream and 0.1% from trophy roach. 100% done. Thx for help
  2. Lol, I was drinking alcohol all the time thinking that it helps with getting % lol. Btw there was couple lucky days at volkhov and old burg so now I only need 0.2% but I cant get even 0.1% for 2 days now.
  3. Hello. My bottom fishing is 98.2% I'm trying to fish 70 100 at volkhov every happy hour (and not happy hour) to catch as many fish as I can ( more fish means more chance to get 0.1%?) and it's super hard to get 0.1%.. If i am lucky, in 1 happy hour I get 0.1%. So how can I get those devil 1.8% faster? Changing fish specie to farm doesn't make any difference.
  4. RealRolandas69


    Drink some alcohol + lucky hour
  5. RealRolandas69


    So.. After fishing like 60-70 hours (real life) for eastern bream and in 1000+ fishes didnt get any trophy with same gear as other people who are getting trophies every couple days, I have a question... am I super unlucky or can it be because I was in that jail pond for swear word? Maybe because I broke the rules now my game is more hardcore?
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