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  1. from monday to friday when I'm working and can't play - there is couple good hotspots to farm money, when weekend just starts and I can play, everyone is crying because all hotspots died and again I waste my time trying to find fish, without making any money.. 37lvl
  2. There is no real life logic in this game
  3. Bear lake is stupid for sure.. I remember when everyone used to farm with carps, now I catch breams on potato and other stuff while targeting carps..
  4. It looks like mirror carp, not leather carp. And isn't it strange that only you catching something in bear lake.. All I see is your screenshots of trophies..
  5. At some lakes like old burg when you use flashlight you can see lines easy but at achtuba (didnt try other lakes) flashlight doesn't light up lines, and its hard to see at night if line is slack or not
  6. This fish is like unicorn... Rare af..
  7. Nvm, tried to get some % with method, never used it, and got 0.1% from bream and 0.1% from trophy roach. 100% done. Thx for help
  8. Lol, I was drinking alcohol all the time thinking that it helps with getting % lol. Btw there was couple lucky days at volkhov and old burg so now I only need 0.2% but I cant get even 0.1% for 2 days now.
  9. Hello. My bottom fishing is 98.2% I'm trying to fish 70 100 at volkhov every happy hour (and not happy hour) to catch as many fish as I can ( more fish means more chance to get 0.1%?) and it's super hard to get 0.1%.. If i am lucky, in 1 happy hour I get 0.1%. So how can I get those devil 1.8% faster? Changing fish specie to farm doesn't make any difference.
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