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  1. RealRolandas69

    Skill tree discussions

    Nvm, tried to get some % with method, never used it, and got 0.1% from bream and 0.1% from trophy roach. 100% done. Thx for help
  2. RealRolandas69

    Skill tree discussions

    Lol, I was drinking alcohol all the time thinking that it helps with getting % lol. Btw there was couple lucky days at volkhov and old burg so now I only need 0.2% but I cant get even 0.1% for 2 days now.
  3. RealRolandas69

    Skill tree discussions

    Hello. My bottom fishing is 98.2% I'm trying to fish 70 100 at volkhov every happy hour (and not happy hour) to catch as many fish as I can ( more fish means more chance to get 0.1%?) and it's super hard to get 0.1%.. If i am lucky, in 1 happy hour I get 0.1%. So how can I get those devil 1.8% faster? Changing fish specie to farm doesn't make any difference.
  4. RealRolandas69

    Report a Bug

    Thats not a bug, but yeh, thats sucks. always buy 3-4 tickets
  5. RealRolandas69

    Beloribitsa Whitefish

    95:108 25m
  6. RealRolandas69


    Drink some alcohol + lucky hour
  7. RealRolandas69


    So.. After fishing like 60-70 hours (real life) for eastern bream and in 1000+ fishes didnt get any trophy with same gear as other people who are getting trophies every couple days, I have a question... am I super unlucky or can it be because I was in that jail pond for swear word? Maybe because I broke the rules now my game is more hardcore?
  8. RealRolandas69

    Technical Issues

    Fixed, made hdd check tha took all night and deleted that file, game works again
  9. RealRolandas69

    Report a Bug

    Jesus.. SNAP BUG.. LOTS of people crying and me too..after update its common that you get snagged but icon doesnt show up and you cant get unsnagged without alt f4 or going to other map.. fix it ASAP
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