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  1. Have you thought that answering his simple question might help them to identify the problem and fix it ..? By the way nice "warning" enjoy losing fish and enjoy not helping the community to avoid/fix this bug.
  2. The warning would be efficient if you actually answered Elwoodiath2 question. What do we have to do if the problem appears ? Alt F4 or wait until the end and then restart the game ?
  3. Can't log into the game aswell. Stuck in loading profile Guess I'll play tomorrow then
  4. Since the latest patch I'm not able to zoom while reeling anymore. I tried all combination of "Zoom auto off" in general but nothing worked. The best result I got was zooming before casting but then impossible to unzoom while reeling unless I stop for a second, unzoom and then reel again. This is not really convenient. EDIT : Ok I found out it's a bug : It's working fine with the "z" key but not second one I bound (M3) regards, dark42
  5. dark42fr


    My 2nd catch of this fish Technique: Waggler Bait: Mayfly Depth : 90 cm Location: 64-132 Time: Morning Weather: Sunny Temperature: 23º C Setup :
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