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  1. I cannot help but ponder this situation with the low bite rate and decline of Bream at least. We often get a message "please wait" whilst catching a fish and it takes some time to display the fish. I wonder with increasing numbers of people joining the game, and catching bigger numbers, if the servers are struggling to keep up with serving the images. So then the numbers have been nerfed and a conscious effort has been made to get people on spin fishing, where less fish per minute will be caught. If this is the reason then perhaps the fish images should have been saved locally on the users computer and not held on the servers, to preserve the Status Pro and balance the server information flow. What RF4 need to realise is whilst people in the US do spin fishing we in Europe do more Feeder and float fishing with a lesser amount of spin fishing.
  2. Thanks Darkje, much appreciated
  3. Ver. 1.3 is out and includes Ladoga. Be good if anyone can get it as we cannot download from the other site.
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