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  1. What is meant by "cream" that I see in several GB recipes? Especially those translated from Russian. The closest thing I can find to cream would be either milk or sour cream from the Kuori dairy.
  2. Thanks, I somehow had overlooked his UL suggestion. Do you have to avoid fishing from the shore essentially with UL, because of Pike? Even with a steel leader, I would think that initial run even on a medium size pike would leave you hopeless.
  3. Still trying to wrap my head around UL, and looking at getting my first setup as well. So with UL, you can use any reel that fits the rod and it will still qualify as UL, the designation is just within the rod? Also open to suggestions (preferable on the relatively inexpensive / entry level end)
  4. A little side project I have taken on... I have started chipping away at the Fandom Wiki for this game to try and make it useful. If anybody would like to help it would be greatly appreciated with the large volume of information and potential, and the very limited potential of my brain to handle all of it So far I have made well over 200 edits, but that is barely getting started sadly.
  5. Bighead carp seem to be going decent. Fishing where the channel is split near the campfire in B6. Having good luck with Halibut boilies. Hoping to work up to grasscarp GB which should also help. Going to try more later today with grass boilies as well. I did manage to land this bad boy last night on NC... (all time USA record!)
  6. Conspiracy theory, he is being paid by admins to say fishing is still good!
  7. McTempletoo


    Any tips finding these in Winding Rivulet?
  8. Any current tips for targeting these?
  9. Stealing from the Russian forum, there hot spot appears to be 126:91 and the G6 area right now. Personally I have been having luck switching it up, going more larvae and redworm over pp and going for the bream sub-species. Get a few blue bream in your net and you can make bank in a hurry.
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