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  1. Hi all! As I'm testing a spot for black sea kutums, I've noticed that 95.173 is a quite interesting place with some potential. I'm already not very far from trophy size for species like wild carp and russian sturgeons at this place. The bite rate is quite slow, but from time to time, results get better. It's not a place to farm silver, don't expect much money. But I believe there are some nice trophies. Interesting fact: it's already several days that I get some small black sea belugas (from 3 to 38kg). I don't target them yet, so if you are interest, you should try with baitfishes like perches and gibel carps (weekly records). About baits: for wild carp, river and zebra mussels seem to work the best here (I've tried nightcrawlers, but mussels were better. I've also tried some boilies with crab&mussels/atlantic mussel/black caviar flavor, but nearly no fishes). About the russian sturgeon, he seems to prefer river mussels over anything else. I've tried rhino beetle larva, crayfish tail, mole cricket, cockchafer larvas. But river mussels continue to give the best results for me. Coords: 95.173 E1 Clip: 20m Setup (loop rig) Fishes
  2. Hi all ! Here is more on my quest for black sea kutum (see the post above). I've insisted a lot at 95.173, because it was still working after I've posted the place on the forum : between 1 and 5 fishes per day in game. Few days later, it has stopped suddenly, and by this I mean not a single kutum in 4 irl hours straight. So I've decided to move to the base, at 85.164, on the dock. And I had quite good results with kutums. About the spot: (E2, clip 17m) The good thing at this spot his that there are not many big fishes that can give you a hard fight and make you lose time. The biggest fishes were between 3 and 6kg, including russian sturgeons, common and wild carps. So I've decided to use lighter setups at this place. The bad thing is that the spot is invaded by common breams. So they steal the bait quite often . About baits: I've tried a bit of everything. Unlike on the weekly catches statistics, stonefly larva didn't work well for me. The fish were fewer and smaller. My best results are still with river and zebra mussels. About setups: I'm using strong setups at 95.173. I recently got a 38kg russian sturgeon, and a 38kg black sea beluga, and some 15kg+ wild carps and some 15kg+ catfishes. The diameter of the line don't seem to have a great influence on kutum's bites. It's the same for the hook size. I got equally as many fishes with the strong setup (in the post above) as with the weakest setups (below): About the weather: It seems that kutums hate a lot windy weather. The wind seems really to disturb them, and not only them (nearly no bites at all when there's much wind). The best results I had were by sunny or slightly cloudy weather. They bite better when it's colder than the usual temperature (around 26°C during the day usually, so days with 23 or 24°C are the best). Also, kutums don't seem to like a lot rain. I could be wrong about the weather factor, but that's what I've witnessed. Important: sometimes, even if the conditions seem to be optimal, the spots just don't work and remain silent for kutums. So if one of the spot isn't working, try the other one. It's pretty cyclic. Results at 85.164:
  3. Goregrinder


    Hi all! Specie: Ide Map: Seversky Donets Coords: 95.173 E1 Clip: 20m Setup (loop rig) Weather: sunny
  4. Goregrinder


    Hi all! Specie: Nase Map: Seversky Donets Coords: 61.148 C3 Clip: 11m Setup (loop rig) Weather: sunny
  5. Hi all! I think I've found a new spot for this specie, while I was trying for wild carp. I catch one to three exemplars every day in game. Surprizingly, I had more bites during day time. The biggest was caught at around 2pm. Some others were caught in the morning and evening. Actually, I use pretty strong stuff, as there are nice wild carps (over 18kg) and catfishes (around 13kg for the moment, but there can be bigger). Don't expect tons of bites, wild carp fishing is very slow, and not many other species. About the groundbait, I was using a crab & mussels flavored mix, but it was mainly targeting wild carp + it's pretty old, some ingredients are no more avalaible (pellets). As a replacement for additives of the groundbait receipe on the screenshot, you could use ingredients like mussel/caviar feed pellets and of course zebra mussels. Fishes Map: Seversky Donets (of course) Spot: 95.173 E1 Clip: 20m Baits (that I tried): zebra mussel, river mussel, cockchafer larva (the biggest was caught with zebra mussel). Setup (loop rig) Weather: I think sunny weather is pretty good, as I didn't get any bite during rain, but it has to be confirmed.
  6. Hi all! I tried a bit for siberian sturgeon at 40.135. It's not bad at all, they can be farmed decently. There are some sterlets and amur catfishes too. I used only with cockchafer larva, and some PVA nets, mainly crab and mussels flavored. I believe there are some trophies, but I've not been lucky yet. Coords: 40.135 B5 Clip: 45m Map Nets and fishes Setup
  7. No, an optimum speed is set automatically by the game.
  8. Not for reeling in a fish. It's set automatically during the fight.
  9. I have to admit, it's pretty stylish .
  10. Hi BayouBeaux ^^. Yeah, send me private messages, I still can receive them now on the EN forum ^^. Yeah, I told you, they are nightmare at Volkhov with low level stuff .
  11. Goregrinder


    Hi all! Specie: Sterlet Map: Akhtuba River Coords: 63.133 Clip: 18m Setup (loop rig) Weather: sunny
  12. Goregrinder


    Hi all! Specie: Burbot Map: Akhtuba River Coords: 102.57 F8 Clip: 25m Setup (loop rig) Weather: sunny
  13. Actually there are issues with Steam servers, and RF4 has not control over it. If you want to fix this issue, ask for a transfer from Steam to the standalone version.
  14. Steam servers are encountering problems, and RF4 staff has no control over Steam servers. Problems come from Steam. If you want to come back faster to the game, ask for a transfer to the standalone version. It would take some time as many people are asking for it at the moment. This said, stop speaking without knowing. Thanks.
  15. Hi, You don't need to do any backup. Just if you want, save your screenshots, they won't be saved. The only thing to do after installing the game on your new computer is only setting your parameters as they were in the game (graphics, language, sound volume etc...).
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