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  1. Hi there! I had a disconnection from the game, then entered again my password. The "loading profile" page was loading longer than usual. Then I connected to the game, but as the title says, my net was empty. As the baits in the baits slots, as the groundbait in the groundbait slot. The groundbait I made disappeared too. So I closed the game, and... My net was back! And the other stuff too. This is my bug report !
  2. Hi there! About the tournament, this is a great idea! I applause this! Just in case there would not be much participants, don't forget that it's summer and that maybe a certain number of players would not be able to participate because of holidays! Like me for example (on holidays for 3 weeks, far from any computer :p) So if there's not much success during summer, don't forget the idea for later! Best regards, Goregrinder
  3. No, everything else seems to work fine. I go soon in holiday (in Russia ), I think I will perform a fresh windows install when I come back. Maybe it will fix problems. I will tell you anyway ^^.
  4. Nope, but I still do windows updates. But I admit that it's a pretty old installation, like 1+ year I think.
  5. Goregrinder

    Spinning Reels

    Hi there! After reading З's post, I wanted to know if it's worth to buy Venga or not (for big big fishes in open water ). Can someone enlighten me please?
  6. Hi there! Had my pb sterlet today at 102.57 . Spot: 102.57 (Akhtuba) Clip: 25m, casting in the direction of the bush (approx. North) Bait: cockchafer larva Fishing time: 1h45
  7. For reinstalling, yeah always. But since a major update few months ago, the updates fail to install. Before this update, I had no problem with patches.
  8. Yep! Everything disabled, but the installation fails at something like 85%.
  9. Hi there! I need AGAIN to reinstall the game, and this for a 33Mo patch. It's very annoying to re-download the whole game because those patches are not installing properly. VERY annoying.
  10. Hi there! Russian sturgeon active at 89.96. Spot: 89.96 Clip: 25m, cast East Baits: rhino beetle larva and mole cricket Session: 3h30
  11. Hi there! A small bug of fishes being displayed wrong.
  12. Hi there! I wanted to share some of my observations and tests about fishes getting away. I've noticed that most of the time, those fishes have a strange physical behavior in the water. You are all right, it's always (99% of the time) nice fishes, trophy or not. I've experienced this strange behavior on many different species: carps, sturgeon, common bream, white bream, pike, etc... What I've noticed: those fishes are strangely difficult to reel in, even for small species. They seem to oppose a bigger resistance to water, like they are stuck between 2 layers of jello. The tension on the line stays pretty "normal", but the fish stays pretty immobile. When you do nothing at this moment, just keeping tension on the line by staying with the rod raised, the fish does not move: no rush, no lateral move, it just stays at the same place, fidgeting. You may encounter this kind of behavior in plain water, without obstacles, but you can experience it when the fish is in reeds or lilies too. When it happens, I know 100% that this fish presents a high risk of getting away. So I change my fighting style when I encounter those fishes: I try to make move slowly the fish without reeling, just applying tension by pulling on the rod, without right click, just pulling it by mouse movement. Then I reel a bit to get less line while lowering the rod, and I pull again by mouse movement. You will observe that the fish will move with difficulty. If you feel some strange resistance, don't insist. The fish will finish by unjam and do a rush or just finally normally move. But you'll have to be careful, as the fish will probably have this behavior again. To sum up: no reeling on the fish to make it advance towards you, no right click to raise the rod, being careful. I've encountered a fish like this yesterday, I tried to fight it normally to confirm my observations, and it got away! I usually fight those fishes the way I described since 2/3 months, and I can tell that it works pretty good. I think I've reduced not bad my ratio of fishes getting away. But I still encounter some very random things, like fish is running fast and gets away for no reason (nothing that could have been noticed).
  13. Hi there! What do you, people, think about setting the hook with "ctrl" key? I don't see the point in this. Before the update, setting a hook was pretty natural and intuitive. Like in most of fishing games. Why adding complication? Pressing ctrl is not practical. Pressing ctrl makes the rod behave strange: the rod strikes, but doesn't stay in high position. Something wrong has been done to float fishing, making it less funny and simple. Float fishing before the update was approximately what I expected from a fishing game, but this I don't understand.
  14. Hi there ! So first, we had gudgeons "balanced". Now we have bleaks. How realistic is this to not being able to make baitfishes outside this 20g range? 40-60g for gudgeons. Now 50-70g for bleaks. Yesterday I did a baitfish fishing session. I caught 40 valid bleaks. I wanted to transform them today. Only 8 of them are valid now... I spent like 35 minutes to catch those bleaks. Those 8 valid baitfishes will allow me to target predators for like what, 20 minutes? And what those 8 bleaks will bring to me? Maybe 8 undersized fishes, or river mussels. Baitfishes attract many small fishes, like 85g chubs, 200g asps, or even crayfishes and river mussels. It was decent because we compensated this by the number of baitfishes we had. And we had a fishing worthy of our high levels. Now I don't see the point spending much time and much baits for a result that will decrease drastically. I prefer to give up on baitfishing for now.
  15. Hi there! This is the same for me, since the last big update which was some months ago. Need to uninstall and reinstall...
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