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  1. Goregrinder

    Kuori Lake

    A bit of trolling on Kuori, with trophy lake trout .
  2. Goregrinder


    Many thanks for the answer! 20% of the price is a bit rude I think . But ok, it's the Wall Street trading side of RF4 .
  3. Goregrinder


    Hello there!!! I really love the new map, and the new changes. It gives really a second breathe for the game I think. People seem very active and very happy too, it's great :D. A big THANK YOU to the RF4 team . I have a question: a friend caught on Bear Lake a trophy grass carp of 26kg. He went to the fish market to see how much ot was worth: 197 silver. But he did not sell it. He did later, with a full net. The grass carp's price decrease to 157 silver, so a loss of 40 silver. The freshness of the wish was 84% when he sold it. Is it normal to have such a huge difference? What's the cause of this? Thanks for attention .
  4. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    This barbel fought hard! I thought it was a nice wild carp at first, and had the surprise when I saw it approaching my landing net . Damn, Akhtuba will turn into a desert soon lol.
  5. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Also in the channels, had this baby with redworm, hook 8, 12.3kg fluoro line and 9.7kg fluoro leader (reel gold 80s), loop rig and bream mix. Sold it for 104 silver .
  6. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Here is the result of trolling on the channels of Akhtuba with Heaven Creek Timid Minnow 10-004. And some other parts of my fishing day (long session with diner, cigaret breaks and other things).
  7. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Had this beauty with @amun24's advices! (take a look at his post about Akhtuba) But don't do like me: DON'T USE GOLD 80s FOR BIG FISHES! Caught with white bream as bait on one of the spots mentioned by Amun.
  8. Goregrinder

    Report a Bug

    Hi there, I have the same problem with endless loading when a fish is landed. I also caught a 27kg beluga on Akhtuba this evening. After I caught it, I noticed that it was not shown in the chat, impossible to chat with others, had to reboot. The beluga is still in my net, but not in the weekly records! Can you please add my fish in weekly records please?
  9. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Great post! thank you!
  10. Goregrinder

    Old Burg Lake

    Try the deep holes, they should be here.
  11. Goregrinder

    Volkhov River

    Hi there! 71:100 has been very decent for me today! Pretty surprised! Tons of roaches of course (good size), but decent vimbas, regular ide (around1k-2kg most of the time), some white-eye bream, and not a bad burbot fishing! And good jigging: mostly zander! some asp too. Batifishing gave good results too. 2 sessions of 3h30 Direction of casting: S/SW (at the right of the bridge) Clip: 30m Baits: maggots, bark beetle larva, garlic dough, boilie salmon 14 (ides) and redworms, bloodworm seems to work for bream Groundbait: bream and white bream mix, and some custom Lure: Redman tackles Quicker 4.5-004
  12. Goregrinder

    Volkhov River

    And what's your conclusions *?
  13. Goregrinder

    Lake Ladoga

    Ok thank you for the answer! But I think it's not very cool if you're out of tickets. Not realistic at all :D. Let better boat house's owner charge more for an automatic renewal :D.
  14. Goregrinder

    Lake Ladoga

    Hi there. Have found a spot for silver breams (great for filling the orders about them: 5x200g = 60 silver). There's also some breams here, but pretty shy. All classic: pea porridge, redworm and bream mix. Also tried some other baits, but was pretty poor (small fishes, particularly micro silver breams). Just one thing: I was fishing at the secret creek on my boat, for pike (wobbler). A good one was practically in my landing net, then my boat license expired, and I was teleported to the village. Fish away. This is lame as hell. Please fix it, make it like before: auto license renewal. Just disgusted. *Ragequit* Spot: 53:65 (it's just at the left of the cafe) Line clip: 15m
  15. Goregrinder

    Lake Ladoga

    So what would be your advice to fight them? I've not focused yet on big fish fishing, so I have not the gear for it yet.
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