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  1. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Hi there! Thank you guys for the spot! He is the result of my fishing on 100.57. Baits: nightcrawlers, redworms, river/zebra mussels, mole crickets, cockchaffer larvas, rhino beetle larva, crayfish tail, redworm 14/18, algae Results: around 800 silver per 2h30/3h30 fishing session. Great money and much fun
  2. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Hey there! Here are the results of some sessions at 80:84 (the same fishing as @bigfishlittlefish, but on the main ridge, not on the island. It's more secure to fish from the main ridge, you can run at the right or at the left, so tearing line is not an option ). Those are not the best nets, some players did better, but I think it's still pretty decent. I hope that some other better player will post something interesting . Spot: In the wilderness of islands 80:84 Clip: 15m Fishes: eastern bream, bighead carp, wild carp, silver carp, nase, caspian roach, some sterlets (and one lonely caspian kutum). Some sichels and Kessler's herrings are present too. Baits: a good variety of baits is possible at this spot: garlic dough, nightcrawler, crab & mussel 14, halibut 14, algaes, mayfly larvae, mussels, crayfish tails Groundbait: I tried many things so I won't put all receipes, but I did some custom mixes for bream with garlic as attractant. Chopped worms and zebra mussels are good ingredients too. Leader: to target eastern breams, it's better to use 6.4kg fluoro leaders. But beware, there are wild/bighead/silver carps and you can have a bad moment. You can go up to 13.8kg, but there will be less bites. Rig: loop rig (here an example, but don't pay attention on groundbait and bait, old screenshot) Results: the fish mainly targeted here is the eastern bream, but fishing for bighead/wild carps and nases can be very paying too. Caspian roaches were decent money too. I caught 3 trophy nases on nightcrawler. I've seen several very good trophies being caught. Too bad I caught none, but I will give an other try . Some sterlets are present on the spot, and can be caught on nightcrawler. Silver carps react well to algaes. Algaes are also very good for eastern breams, and for some bigheads, even some wild carps.
  3. Goregrinder


    Hi there! A good spot for sichels on Akhtuba: Spot: 71:130 Casting distance: the float should drift at 10/15m from the ridge Rig: float rig (waggler for me) Depth: 38cm to 1m works (maybe other depths are good) Baits: mayfly, mayfly+fly, mayfly+mayfly Results: many sichels
  4. Goregrinder

    Competitions Q&A

    Oh ok ^^ thank you! I'll be more careful next time .
  5. Goregrinder

    Competitions Q&A

    Hi Elwoodiath! I tried to participate, but I had a "competition is canceled" notification, and now I see this. How?
  6. Goregrinder

    Sura River

    Hi there! Those last days on Sura have been interesting. Thank you very much to @tonio for infos . A good variety of fishes and some good trophies were caught. Location: 44:37 White Lake Casting: 40/45m clip, aiming the big tree Rigs: baitfish rig, loop rig, texas rig Baitfishes: gudgeons, bleaks, white breams, ruffes, roaches, perches Lures: Syberia Real Minnow 4-001 and the fluo green shad (sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot, don't know the exact reference) Groundbaits: white bream mix, and custom mix made with zebra mussels+crab and mussels+chopped worms Baits: Crab & mussels 14/18, Atlantic mussels 14/18, Halibut 14, nightcrawlers, bloodworms, algaes Fishes caught: zanders, volga zanders, burbots, sterlets, wild/common carps, silver carps, blue breams, white breams, white-eye breams, pikes, catfishes, breams Results and review: - The best period is from 6:00pm to 10:00am the next day. There's a dead period from around 01:00pm to 06:00pm. - Good café orders for trophy zanders, small/medium and trophy volga zanders. - There are many volga zanders, they're quite abundant. Several trophies were caught, 2 for me. Mostly all caught on baitfishes, but they go well on soft lures like shads and real minnows. - There's a good number of zanders too, 2 trophies also. One caught on Real Minnow 4-001, the second on white bream. - Some sterlets can be encountered. I caught a 4.2kg one on Real Minnow 4-001, some other smaller. They bite also on nightcrawler. - Wild and common carps reacted well to Atlantic mussels 14/18, Crab & mussels 14/18, Halibut 14. They seem to like algaes aswell. - Blue breams seem to be active. Not caught big ones, but there's potential I think. - Silver carps biting on algaes.
  7. Goregrinder


    Hi there! I would like to have more informations about this bait: the diving beetle. The description says it's for perch, roach and small bream. Does "small bream" means blue/white/white-eye? Is it considered as a medium, good, very good bait? Is it used on a bottom rig? Or is it better with a float rig maybe? Thank you for attention!
  8. Goregrinder


    Hi there! I have some questions to ask. A friend bought a Tagara 10000 reel, and he has a Fortuna carp rod 39.5kg. He would like to know what line would fit good on this reel to fish carps on Bear Lake (his favourite fishing). Can he go up to something like 33kg line? Or will it spook fishes and make biterate decrease? What would you advise to him? Thank you for attention .
  9. Goregrinder

    Baits Q&A

    Hi there! I did it !
  10. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Hi there! Another short session (1h30) on the H5 island, to chill out again, peaceful spot . Same strategy, same gear. And still surprises (not big but still good ) . This time, I've not seen any zander. They seem to move a lot those last days. Bites are pretty slow, and catches hazardous. A bit of luck is needed on this spot . And a trophy ruffe was caught... on a live bleak, 50g+...
  11. Goregrinder

    Bear Lake

    Hi there! The new spot at 55:63 is getting better! Session of 1h15, still on boilies tuna 20, nordic esterberry 20 and honey 20.
  12. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Hi there! I did some exploration and decided to chill out on an island where no one seems to fish from. I had many tired baitfishes, so decided to use them all. Had two sessions there. One short for first try, and one longer. I wanted to share this little experience . Short session: 1h Long session: 4h30 Spot: 149:105 on H5 on the map, 3 different points on it (pike and zander/ides spots) Casting distance: 50/60m, and like 15m for pike spot Spot 1 (trophy zander and some zanders, but they seem to have moved from there now) Spot 2 (pikes, some asps and cats) Spot 3 (zanders, ides, some asps and some surprises) Rigs: baitfish, simple lure and jigging rigs Baitfishes: bleaks, gudgeons, white breams, perches and ruffes Leaders: for the spot 3, you can go with fluoro leader, for spots 1 and 2 better 22kg steel leader or at least 12kg carbon leader Lures: Ylin Uitsing Orig Popper 11-F006 and Lynns Lynns Huge Minnow 120-006 Results: a nice trophy zander on the spot 1 (but nothing there during the long session), nice zander/pike fishing on other spots with good surprises : one 10.4kg beloribitsa whitefish and one 8.9kg stellate sturgeon (my first), some asps and ides (and 2 cats ).
  13. Goregrinder


    He said RF4 team gave all 10 days premium last year, for the new year. Now he's disappointed because this year, it's not the same.
  14. Goregrinder

    Old Burg Lake

    Hi there! I tried a bit eel fishing at Old Burg. Was good only the first night, the second was too warm for eels (10.5°C at 04:00 am). During daytime, the fishing is not very good at this place (tried things, but mostly 400-500g crucians). Spot: 24:29 Rigs: waggler fishing and in-line rig Baits: nightcrawlers and fish pieces Groundbait: take a look at screenshots Results: Some nice eels when climatic conditions are ok.
  15. Goregrinder

    Bear Lake

    You're welcome ^^ and your english is ok .
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