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  1. Just look how many people fishes in a chosen location ^^ (in the chat, the parameter wheel). Take a look at the forum to know where are hot spots, and take a look at https://vk.com/pp4wikipedia or http://rf4spots.com
  2. The secret is the bite rate and the diversity of catches : gudgeons, roaches, breams, tenches, carps, white breams, gibel carps, chinese sleepers, eels, bleaks, ruffes, common bream, blue bream, ides, perches, etc... The choice is large. Chose locations where the bite rate is pretty intense.
  3. Hi man, if you refer to the spots list upper, it's maybe not up to date. You could ask where the fishing is good at the moment, it costs nothing. You can also try to find something here VK or here rf4spots - tunguska . I would say, instead of complaining that you get nothing on one single spot, try at least to ask people where fishing is good at the moment. It's a forum, so a space where to share infos and ask for advices. There's also a "criticism" thread, if you have really something to say.
  4. Goregrinder


    Congratz man! For information, this is the right spot too for trophy loach at night.
  5. Interesting! I know that it was absolutely not the case in the past, so it's something very good to know now! Thanks to you all for those interesting informations!
  6. Hi man! As far as I know (I don't know if it has changed), if you catch fishes at the map A and try to sell at the map B, the value of the fishes will be still the same as the map A. The fishes are linked to the map where they've been caught. Can a moderator confirm this please?
  7. Goregrinder


    Nice mate, but don't forget to tell us what map it is .
  8. Don't worry about your english, it's very good! And your guide is very well made. Good work man!
  9. Hi BasJ, JaggedRiz was right about the spot, I've seen a trophy ide at this place on the russian forum. It was caught with cornmeal porridge, but it will take something else if you don't have it yet. Just persist!
  10. Don't forget the halibut boilies, they're a good choice too for ides.
  11. Hi mate! As far as I know, when I was still trying to get the last gift at the chrismas event spot, I got several good ides (from 1.5kg to 2.5kg), particularly at night (trophy ides are mostly caught during the night), with redworms and telescopic rods. Maybe you could try at this place, but with more appropriate rig (bottom fishing) and more appropriate baits (pea porridge etc...).
  12. Hey man, Have you gone forward in your big kettlebell's chase?
  13. Hi all! As I invested in premium for 3 months, I decided to craft lures to 100%. As many people complained, it costs an arm (and even an eye). I'm not here to talk about how much it costs, but more about the process itself. I think hooks should not be used in the lure crafting process, particularly for wobblers/jerkbaits/poppers (everything that requires 2 hooks). I understand they can be needed for spinners (1 hook), as they are not practical to be put/removed IRL (gripper needed). But it's easier for wobblers etc... as hooks are attached to the lure with split rings (even for spoons, hooks are attached to them with split rings too). I didn't want to buy tons of hooks, so I passed a lot of time removing them from newly crafted lures just in order to continue the skill's upgrading, and it was super annoying. I think hooks are absolutely not necessary for wobblers (etc...) crafting. So the idea would be just to remove hooks for those categories of lures (2 hooks). If there's an economical side that has to be kept about this, hooks could be replaced by split rings. Thanks for attention ^^.
  14. Goregrinder


    Hi all! Specie: Lake Trout Map: Kuori Lake Method: trolling Setup Weather: a bit cloudy
  15. I understand better, and agree with this .
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