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  1. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Nice cat man! Have you paid attention to the wear added to the reel? How much was that?
  2. Goregrinder


    Hi there, Some chars on soft lures at Ladoga, at 90.20. Details here:
  3. Goregrinder

    Lake Ladoga

    Hi there! Another spot for char/zander that I've found on the russian forum . Spot: 90.20, cast to the island. Rig: texas rig Lure: soft lure Red Man Tackles Quicker 4.5-007, animation with jig-step Results: regular chars with trophy, some zanders and some burbots (pikes have been caught on the spot explained in the post above).
  4. Goregrinder


    Hi there ! Good pikes at Ladoga at 25.34 (Secret creek). Details here:
  5. Goregrinder

    Lake Ladoga

    Hi there! I got some infos on the russian forum few days ago, and there's a good spot for pike now. Spot: 25.34, cast near the reeds. Lure: topwater Ylin-Uistin Orig Popper 11-F003 Fishing moment: 5:00pm to 11:30pm Results: a good bite rate, and some trophies. Seems to be better when the weather is sunny.
  6. Goregrinder

    Bear Lake

    Hi there! A new spot appeared, seen on the russian forum. I tried, and it works . Here are the details. Spot: 55.63 Clip: 20m, cast near the reeds at the left (screenshot) Depth for float: 2m Rigs: loop and waggler Baits: cream mango 20, sandwich cream mango 20 + forest strawberries 20 and cream mango 20 + white chocolate 18 Groundbaits/spod rod/pva: screenshots Results: nice bite rate during 45min, a trophy common caught. The trophy was caught on cream mango 20 + forest strawberries 20.
  7. Goregrinder

    Bear Lake

    Hi there! I confirm 79.78 spot :). Thanks to @amun24 (take a look at his post above). Got my best grass carp. Clip: 20m Depth: 2.4m Baits: sandwich white chocolate18+cream mango20 for the trophy grass. Used salmon14 too, and sandwich juicylemon18+whitechoco18. Setups
  8. Goregrinder

    Technical Issues

    Thanks for the answer. Visibly, I have to reinstall it...
  9. Goregrinder

    Sura River

    Look the post above the previous one. For the 7.5m hole, 96.38 coords are good.
  10. Goregrinder

    Black Carp

    Hi there! Possibility to target black carp at Old burg at 21.67. Works very well on float with a potatoe + nightcrawler sandwich. Mostly during evening/night/early morning. See details on this post :
  11. Goregrinder

    Old Burg Lake

    Hi there! Spot: 21.67 Clip: 13m, SW direction Depth for float: 1.35m Baits: potatoe+nightcrawler sandwich for float, simple potatoe for bottom Groundbait: black/grass carp mix Fishes: black carp, grass carp, common carp Best period: decent sized fishes bite mainly from late afternoon (around 6:00pm) till early morning (8:00am). During the daytime period, you'll catch mainly common/grass carps around 1.5-2.5kg. Fishing time: 2h45
  12. Goregrinder

    Volkhov River

    Another 1h40 session.
  13. Goregrinder

    Volkhov River

    Hi there! 70.100 again hot! Clip: 25m to the bridge Baits: redworm and algaes for blue bream, redworm 10 for white bream, redworm for vimbas Groundbait: see screenshot and white bream mix Very High biterate and many valuable fishes. Session of 1h40.
  14. Goregrinder

    Akhtuba River

    Hi there! 41.108/42.107 is a nice spot for zander. I tried only with texas rig, but caught some nice too with nightcrawlers. Should work well with baitfishes like bleaks. Cast in the hole.
  15. Goregrinder

    Bear Lake

    Thank you very much @filipefle23 ! Had great fishing with mussels & fruits 16! Got a trophy barbel on it. I used a groundbait made of ground peas + zebra mussels + apricot, I think it fits not bad with this boilie. Cheese was good too for me. 1h30 session.
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