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  1. Hi there, Some chars on soft lures at Ladoga, at 90.20. Details here:
  2. Hi there ! Good pikes at Ladoga at 25.34 (Secret creek). Details here:
  3. Hi there! Possibility to target black carp at Old burg at 21.67. Works very well on float with a potatoe + nightcrawler sandwich. Mostly during evening/night/early morning. See details on this post :
  4. Hi there! Got a trophy at 130.130 (the pond at Akhtuba), here are the details. Spot: 130.130 Clip: 20m, cast to the hole Bait: spice mix 16 Groundbait: screenshot
  5. Hi there! A good spot for sichels on Akhtuba: Spot: 71:130 Casting distance: the float should drift at 10/15m from the ridge Rig: float rig (waggler for me) Depth: 38cm to 1m works (maybe other depths are good) Baits: mayfly, mayfly+fly, mayfly+mayfly Results: many sichels
  6. Hi there! For those who are looking for bleaks, they're still good at Winding Rivulet! 3 trophies in a row caught in approx. 2 minutes . Bait: fly Depth for float: 38cm Hook: 24
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