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  1. Hey mate! I think it's fully possible, particularly if people get drunk . There are some stories like that on Rivers Monsters (show animated by Jeremy Wade) with different fish species. And wels catfishes are particularly strong! By the way, if a big fish drags you into water, it would be very difficult to escape. Jeremy Wade determined by testing that a 12kg fish can already make you drown (he was swimming with a 12kg weight, and could not stay at the surface of water).
  2. Hi all! Amber being pretty good now. I tried 2 active spots: 124.66 and 64.94. Spot 1: 124.66 G8 Clip: 35m Setup 1 (pop-up rig): Strawberry flavor There's mostly common and mirror carps using this flavor, the average weight is very good (possible trophy common on this flavor, I advised a player, and he got a 23kg+ one), with some surprises: Setup 2 (pop-up rig): Crab flavor Common carps are still very active on this flavor, the common trophy has been caught, with some surprises too: Spot 2: 64.94 D7 Clip: 35m Setup (classic pop-up): Squid corn The bite rate is slow, but the main interest of the spot is the presence of leather carps (also good barbels). I got the trophy leather carp. Good luck!
  3. Hi all! Specie: Leather Carp Map: Amber Lake Coords: 64.94 D7 Clip: 35m Setup (classic pop-up) Weather: cloudy/rainy
  4. Hey all! Specie: Common Carp And some bonus: Map: Amber Lake Coords: 124.66 G8 Clip: 35m Setup (classic pop-up) Weather: sunny
  5. Hi all! Same spot as @monjak, but not the same fish. Also thanks for posting . Specie: Frame-sided Carp Map: Amber Lake Coods: 124.66 Clip: 35m Setup (classic pop-up) Weather: sunny
  6. Hi all! Specie: Muksun Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 73.105 Clip: 15m Depth for float: 1,50m Setup (match rig) Weather: sunny
  7. Happy birthday then ^^
  8. Wow, I knew about the walleye, but not about the sauger. This one looks a bit strange, but beautiful also! I saw many documentaries about walleye fishing at the big lakes in the North of America. Huge populations, extreme fishing, just paradise haha.
  9. Oh thank you so much dear Elwoodiath, would be awesome . If you go someday to France, we'll go carp, and european catfish fishing , but we probably would not eat them haha, not premium to eat. Here the best is zander , very very good meat .
  10. Hi all! Specie: Common Barbel Map: Amber Lake Coords: 85.147 E4 Clip: 30m Setup (classic hair rig) Weather: rainy
  11. Hi all! 85.147 still active! Fishes: linear carp, frame-sided carps, common carps, ghost mirror carps, scaless ghost carps, and some rare albinos carps Spot: 85.147 E4 Clip: 30-35m Setup (classic hair-rig and classic pop-up)
  12. Lol. Is this fish good to eat?
  13. Nice post man ^^. Also welcome on the game/forum . Do blue catfishes have some venom in their fins like those black bullhead catfishes? (here in France we have black bullheads, extremely invasive specie in our waters).
  14. The first map where there's catfish is Winding Rivulet. Then Old Burg, Belaya River, Volkhov and all the next maps (none at Bear Lake, not sure about Lower Tunguska River). Edit: sorry, I forgot that there's catfish now at Mosquito Lake too ^^. Best places for catfish are the deep holes. I don't have precise spots, so I let you try ^^. Fish pieces and nightcrawlers are good for them.
  15. I use Avast too, no kind of problem. I have also Malwarebytes active on my computer. Never had a problem of this kind with RF4. Some antivirus softwares misinterpret things.
  16. Just look how many people fishes in a chosen location ^^ (in the chat, the parameter wheel). Take a look at the forum to know where are hot spots, and take a look at https://vk.com/pp4wikipedia or http://rf4spots.com
  17. The secret is the bite rate and the diversity of catches : gudgeons, roaches, breams, tenches, carps, white breams, gibel carps, chinese sleepers, eels, bleaks, ruffes, common bream, blue bream, ides, perches, etc... The choice is large. Chose locations where the bite rate is pretty intense.
  18. Hi man, if you refer to the spots list upper, it's maybe not up to date. You could ask where the fishing is good at the moment, it costs nothing. You can also try to find something here VK or here rf4spots - tunguska . I would say, instead of complaining that you get nothing on one single spot, try at least to ask people where fishing is good at the moment. It's a forum, so a space where to share infos and ask for advices. There's also a "criticism" thread, if you have really something to say.
  19. Congratz man! For information, this is the right spot too for trophy loach at night.
  20. Interesting! I know that it was absolutely not the case in the past, so it's something very good to know now! Thanks to you all for those interesting informations!
  21. Hi man! As far as I know (I don't know if it has changed), if you catch fishes at the map A and try to sell at the map B, the value of the fishes will be still the same as the map A. The fishes are linked to the map where they've been caught. Can a moderator confirm this please?
  22. Nice mate, but don't forget to tell us what map it is .
  23. Don't worry about your english, it's very good! And your guide is very well made. Good work man!
  24. Hi BasJ, JaggedRiz was right about the spot, I've seen a trophy ide at this place on the russian forum. It was caught with cornmeal porridge, but it will take something else if you don't have it yet. Just persist!
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