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  1. Hi all! Yes!!! Finally got it at Old Burg after so many tries for so long... Specie: Pike Map: Old Burg Coords: 44.19 F8 Setup (jerkbait rig) / Retrieval method: walk the dog Weather: cloudy
  2. I think it has no use, just making a tambourine's sound, that's all. Something "collector" like I guess.
  3. You're welcome, but it's just an hypothesis ^^. I'm not sure, but seems quite logic ^^. Only a moderator can confirm this.
  4. I just know that the massive amount of items bought by people for this christmas event overloaded server's capacity, making many people unable to log on. I think this 100 peices limit was set to fix the problem.
  5. Hey mate, it's not a real question of the storage's size. I think the amount of things that you can buy at the christmas/new year fair is limited to 100. Like 100 hot cakes, 100 lolipops of each king, 100 chocolate , 100 cups of tea, 100 sbitten rations etc...
  6. I got this lately (can't remember what color of gifts):
  7. Hi all! I think most of people want to express this: "The formulation of the task was pretty confusing, as in game there's a "Lure Rig" setting allowing to fish with only with spinners/spoons/wobblers/topwater/rodent lures." The precise thing to read in the task was "any" Lure Rig. Any makes the difference. But it was a bit confusing for many people.
  8. Hey all! I got this fancy shaman's tambourine, pretty fun . I'm just playing with it, accomplishing shamanic rituals to get blue tag fishes . (It was in the Tungus vodka package in the premium purple gift).
  9. And my last blue gift with a snowflake:
  10. Another blue gift with a snowflake:
  11. Oh ok, then let's see the next ones ^^.
  12. Oh, so it means it's random/different for every one. Interesting!
  13. The purple one (premium, the last gift)
  14. Got those: One blue gift One green gift
  15. Thank you! That was the obvious one ^^. Got the music back . Now I can fish with joy and happiness .
  16. Hi all! First, thank you very much for the winter/christmas events! Just super cool as usual . I don't know if it's a bug or not, but usually the snowmen at the fair were playing a very joyful and funny music. But this year I don't hear it. I think it's a bit a pity . That's all folks!
  17. It's OK dear Crucian, we won't riot in front of your house . You're safe .
  18. Yeah I think so, even the lenght of the leader has an effect on this I think. About carp hooks, there are specific hooks depending if you use classic or pop-up/other rigs. For example the Zenith Mugga hooks seem to be made for pop-up rigs (read the description): But even with the right kind of hook, false bites/failed strikes will happen anyway. How many times I got my boilies stolen by carps IRL... depends of the fishes! Some fishes are super cautious, they will take the bait between the lips without taking the hook in the mouth, they begin to pull and bye bye boilie ^^. The same for live/dead baitfishes, particularly if you use simple hooks (not triple).
  19. Yeah, it happens. The rod even bends, and the tension is suddenly released as the bait comes out of the fish's mouth. Happens irl as well, with all fishing methods (float, bottom, carp rigs, live/dead baitfishes). The fish has not been hooked, that's all. It depends on how the fish took the bait in its mouth.
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