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  1. There will be surprises then , Crucian revealed us something haha! If no surprises, we riot in front of Crucian's house!
  2. Congratz Kelly S! Will try your spot, already long time I'm chasing it!
  3. The problem now with IPs is that it's really easy to change with proxys or VPNs... Maybe something like "you can write a post only every 5 minutes", it would maybe discourage massive spamming?
  4. Hi all! Specie: Valaam Whitefish Map: Ladoga Lake Coords: 60.34 F7 Clip: 30m Setup (lopp rig, fluo leader 5.5kg) Weather: cloudy
  5. Hi all! For people who want to close the Common Roach trophy at Ladoga Lake, you can check this spot: Coords: 43.58 D4 Clip: 22m Setup (loop rig, fluo leader 6.4kg) Weather: sunny
  6. Hi all! Specie: Ludoga Whitefish Map: Ladoga Lake Coords: 42.58 D4 Clip: 35m Setup (loop rig, 6kg fluo leader) Weather: sunny
  7. Also thanks to you for the spot, works great!
  8. Thanks for the spot mate! Specie: Arctic Omul Same setup 95% (just an other reel), same baits.
  9. Hi all! Specie: Ludoga Whitefish Map: Ladoga Lake Coords: 53.55 F5 Clip: 37m Setup (loop rig, 6.4kg fluo leader) Weather: sunny
  10. Hi all! Species: Arctic Omul + Siberian Sardine Cisco Map: Tunguska River Coords: 145.50 G8 Clip: 15m Setup (match rig, depth 1.50m) Weather: sunny
  11. Speedy Gonzales is the second name of Gashaaa .
  12. Yeah, those 11-13 meters poles cost like 2000-3000€ and even more...
  13. Harder than I thought! Not a single one for the moment...
  14. And don't forget there are tons of players, so anyway, winning something is like winning at lottery! I'm lvl 43, have 5600+ fishing days in game, and I've won something in weekly rewards only once still the start of my gaming on RF4 (and because competition doesn't interests me much, I prefer to grind for progression and getting new specie trophies ^^).
  15. Hi! I will just add that notifications as "fish got away" are not displayed in the chat.
  16. Hi all! (A good place to farm baitfishes as bleaks, some small roaches and frogs) Specie: Bleak Map: Belaya River Coords: 71.67 G4 Setup (slider float rig, depth 23-28cm) Weather: sunny
  17. Hi all! Specie: Zander Map: Sura River Coords: 95.37 F8 Clip: 40m Setup (baitfish rig) Weather: sunny
  18. Aaaand... here it is! Map: Sura River Coords: 95.37 Clip: 40m
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