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  1. isean


    I know hooks wear at a really slow rate but is there a point which they should be discarded and replaced?
  2. Try using this GB mix from the second screenshot on my post above. the hercules oatmeal can be found in the grocery store and the wheat grains in the farmers market.
  3. Level 33 and never caught a trophy chub so decided to follow this guide and target them. Got this just 28 minutes into targeting them! thanks for the guide. Also caught in 107:100
  4. isean

    Float Fishing Q&A

    Also take a break from float fishing and do some bottom/spin fishing. I stopped getting points on bottom no matter what I tried so I stuck to float fishing and spinning for a while and when I went back to bottom I began getting points again.
  5. isean

    Sura River

    Went to Sura for the first time in while to try out two new reels and had a nice surprise. Spot I was fishing is the 7.5m hole. not bad considering I was only using nightcrawler and cheap GB (Crackers, bloodworm, chopped worm, maggot, fish oil)
  6. isean

    Bear Lake

    New PB fish for me today on bear. One thing I noticed is it takes a lot longer to pull a fish in when its coming through a patch of reeds, felt like I was snagged while trying to pull it through, took me a while to drag it in.
  7. isean

    Report a Bug

    This bug is similar to the snag bug where your line disappears. Twice now at the bridge in old burg while lifting a fish out of the water it disappears along with my line and tackle. The line on my rods in the rod stands also disappears. I then have to reel all this invisible line back in as it empties my spool. After I do this I go into my inventory and the tackle reappears on my rod. When I attempt to cast it back out it instantly takes all my line off again and in more than one instance my game crashed when I tried to recast. Twice now this has crashed my game after the happy hour reset time while I didn't want it to reset yet and it also happened during a competition so it can be very frustrating.
  8. isean

    Bear Lake

    did a long session at bear today. Nearly all fish caught on cream mango 20 and lemon 18. trophy mirror was on the mango and common on the lemon. bites where none stop with plenty of big mirrors. In the bottom picture im fighting the trophy common while my others rods are screaming off.
  9. isean

    Technical Issues

    Only steam users seem to be having this issue. I wish I knew there was an RF4 client before playing it on steam.
  10. isean

    Bear Lake

    Thanks for the gold tench spot setup :D
  11. isean

    Bear Lake

    43:51 I was only fishing with 1 rod for a short time because I was busy doing other things and was using diced potato on it. Thanks for the info Setup and vsmbenett.
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