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  1. yes 500 gr to1.9 kilo give 1 piece and 2 kilo give 2 pieces you can make pieces of fish from 500 gr fish to 15 kilo fish and you can use all kinds fish i recoment to use the fish that are not worth silver like 500 gr pike pike from 1 kilo i keep ,below not
  2. 1 piece to 1.9 k and then a piece / kilo fish so a 4 kilo fish give 4 pieces
  3. that becomes bait to fish other fish
  4. i fish for 2 full nets and then buy new and better gear instead repairing the old 1 and the pics are posted when i made them grtz kenny
  5. on the map explore line 6b to line 7d will give more luck for salmon
  6. would be nice to see 1 maybe catch 1 later
  7. thx for the info will try that later today keep tight lines
  8. new day ,new net fish below 0.5 kilo i release . fish not worth the silver i make pieces of fish so i can fill my net with fish that is worth it.
  9. i was doing this for a month and there was another place where is was nice to do it . not try it there after the update maybe later this day it was on the map line 6 from b to the end of d
  10. nice to see it was an helpfull post XD
  11. trolling on volkhof +- 4 houres fishing
  12. a good day today trolling from f3 to f5 on the map with blast funky minnow
  13. i have all the same and now i'm saving for better rod and reel to fish here so in i know wat to do fish and keep saving now im trying trolling from 7 m to the 8 m dept place it is slow buth i will get there and a new map is always looking for the spots first
  14. im trying to save for 1 here thx
  15. i unlocked yesterday this lake so i need try many things today i gonna try on that bank .need to test hooks and bait even boillies because i'm new on this lake .
  16. not clipping the reel just casting 80%
  17. i think so i'm trying that . hard to get the fish in
  18. ID_kenny

    Baits Q&A

    i do it all except step 4 i gonna try that thx
  19. ID_kenny

    Baits Q&A

    i'm stuck at 63.3% in crafting bait no matter wat i craft it will not go up allready spend 400 silver to buy items to craft and still nothing also not with crafting frogs to bait
  20. ok thx i will try that spot never been there on that place
  21. something to test got some nice chubs on wobbler the blue crank in volkhof while im trolling between the harbor and the railway bridge.. casting 30 % and lock the reel when it hit the water . normal it can't work. weird
  22. wat are the coordinates for eel on volkhof? grts ID_kenny1
  23. just some info to help other players
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