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  1. Ok ty, will try that when i have more time, took me last time 4 hours to reinstall. Dont know how to open ports manually for torrents
  2. everytime I start the game i have to change settings because they dont save after quit. Playing as administrator doesnt help. Is there a way that i can fix this ?
  3. Is there a way to download the game faster then 28kb/s to 1mb/s ..takes me a whole day. I have a 200MB line so it should be a lot faster.
  4. Just_me


    Thx Goregrinder, spot is stll active
  5. Just_me

    Bear Lake

    Having a slow biterate but this one makes it worth waiting
  6. Just_me

    Bear Lake

    Got this baby at the same spot with cheese and potatoes
  7. Just_me

    Bear Lake

    44.50 bait mintcake 20 + nordic esterberry 20
  8. Just_me


    Winding Rivulet 84.113 fly
  9. cutted up + 50 bream so this mostly silver bream
  10. 23:49 pea porridge bream and silver bream 2 trophy in 2 minutes. very hot
  11. for me its just the same, my premium ended and i don't renew till they awake and fix whats wrong. I have another account on us and don't seem to have problems there. The account that is messed up is on other region. Was fishing at Sura yesterday and could not find any fish but catfish while other people catching everything ...i'm done
  12. very true, it all starten to happen after Ludoga update. Was catching a lot of fish before ( on my main account) but now it became all worse...no fish. making gb became a joke to, 1000 silver for 2% to become 50 %. at that rate i never reach 100 %. hours of fishing for a few fish, most persh and other useless fish. This should be a game where you can make fun cathing fish, not getting agitated by the fact that there is nothing to catch.. but i notice that some people still catch alot. so the problem doesnt effect all i guess. at this biterate it is impossible to achieve decent gear and other stuff. sad
  13. Just_me

    Bear Lake

    55.63 most on cheese
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