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  1. Wanpug

    Baits Q&A

    Remember, the game is still in development, there plenty to improve on in the game. Some things seem silly, true, but they are working on the game. See my latest post in bug reports in answer to catching a fish smaller than the hook. I go into this topic a little deeper there.
  2. Wanpug


    Ahh that makes sense, volkhov gets pretty low as does Old burg, my sample space is mosquito so not so low my bad, missed the fact that other maps have different temps
  3. WOAHits actually there. that is spooky, and so out of place for the genre of this game. I wonder if any other maps out there have some thing like this. lol let the hunt begin
  4. Wanpug


    But I will ask one thing about the techniques for spinning, which ones are there, I only know of jigstep, stop and go, and twitching (thats for wobblers) are there any others? Yeah fair enough, I can see that, I guess we just have to wait and see, maybe a higher level re-balance will come in to the game later. One thing I will say is that IRL I've noticed that some fish that are not at all visually sensitive a few years back I had a 33 inch pike bite on a rope dangling out of the boat, and we've successfully caught 30+ lbs carp on 55 lb mono. I feel that the carp in the game are a bit to sensitive, but ehh it only game y u heff to be mad. Lets just hope that the Devs listen to the community and respond accordingly within reason.
  5. Wanpug


    There's a huge satisfaction factor in it when you actually figure it out. If I get to the point where I'm like, NAHHH I'm done cant do this anymore maybe I'll seek help for the techniques. I haven't really put a lot of effort towards figuring out the techniques, and I'm not burned out on trying to figure them out. Thanks for the offer though, it's nice to see that people are willing to help. Worst thing about going thinner/lighter, is CATFISH. I was lucky the 14kg cat from yesterday bit on the 9.7kg line and not the 5 kg line, and even then the fight took roughly 30-45 Min. All the other fish are bearable, they give up some sort of fight but cats they just suck. I'm one those who can't just open bail and let em go.... gotta catch em all.
  6. Wanpug


    Yeah, I've never been able to successfully jigstep/stop and go/ speed up. I'll get the combo right, I write it down and then some time later I try again and boom nothing. Just recently went back to Kuori to try some trolling and spinning, trolling not to hard but gets boring after a while, want to learn at least 2 spinning techniques so I can sorta spin and have a little bit more success. Hopefully with next update I'll get a little more into it with the new area.
  7. Wanpug


    Pretty much the same results had more bites on the thinner line, even had my second Blue bream. 40-50% of fish caught on the lighter setup ie thinner line. Didnt count this time. keep net: Three top burbots and three top bream caught on thinner line. this test took longer due to the last catfish I think this supports that a lighter/thinner line equals more fish/bites.
  8. Wanpug


    @Hookjaw Jim @blute2 Mid Test Update: I got three rods out: 2 "heavy" rods and one basic Light rod 30 fish caught in about 30-35 min. (dont mind the baits they were rotated through out the rods) 15 fish were caught on the Light basic rod and 7 on on heave and 8 on the other heavy. This doesn't say that higher level gear is worse, it seems that my hypothesis was correct, thin diameter = more fish. Keep net ( yes there's one extra fish i caught it as i was doing this post) Another thing that is interesting is that the heavier breams and roaches ( top 6 bream in keep net and top 4 roaches in keep net) were caught on the light basic rod. This further supports my hypothesis bigger fish seem to be more cautious and so thinner line isn't going to scare them as much. BTW I'm using mono in my basic setup and flouro on my heavy setups. My next Test is even thinner lines on my heavy rods and checking to see if bite rate increases. off to do another 30 min test
  9. Awesome, thanks, once i get home from work I'm going straight there to check it out, I gotta see this for my self.
  10. Wanpug


    Yeah, I wont have much time this week to actually give it a full test, I'm moving house tomorrow, but I think I can squeeze in a hour or 2 tonight after work. Next week is when I can put in 6-8 hours a day, I'm off from work that week.
  11. Wanpug


    I'll give it a try on bream, I've got one entry level feeder set up with the 5.5 kg lacerti reel, I'll check it out as I'm try to catch a bream trophy. I will say that bringing down my line diameter greatly improved my bites, so it just may be that a heavy set up has a thicker line setup, ie. on a 5.5 kg I'll put something like 4-5.5 kg flouro line for bream and that is thinner than what I would put if I was using a 10 kg reel, flouro 9.7 kg, yesterday I switched out the 9.7 kg flouro to 7.7 kg flouro and caught my PB bream (it beat my last PB bream by ~2kg) Causation doesn't imply correlation, it simply could have something to do line diameter can make it harder for the fish to notice the line and more willing to bite. But I'll try and see if anything comes up tonight after work.
  12. Wanpug


    Interesting, my spread sheet shows that all my bream catches happen in temps between 11-20 nothing below 11. heres a little snippet of my spread sheet The headings are Fish, Bait, Ground bait, rig, hook, weather, time of day, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, coords, weight, XP, "trophy tag". all these were caught on mosquito 2-3 days ago. I only record for one hour each time I fish, its actually quite difficult lose a lot of fish like that. I noticed that mostly bream bites early morning/morning 4:00-10:00 and evening 16:00-23:00, there are a few outside of those time frames. It also seems like Sunny/clear is the majority of my bites. Though can say I've caught bream in every single weather type. Of course these aren't rigid boundaries, you can catch bream anytime. They say fishing is a game of patience, and this game is no different, I've been going for a trophy bream for 3 months now and the biggest I caught was actually yesterday and it was a 4.04 kg and that is when is switched from a 9.7 kg line to a 7.7 kg line. Patience and persistence and it will pay off
  13. Wanpug


    I've been snooping around in the Russian forum, especially in the Bream and Volkhov topics, and I noticed that the guys that were very successful always had medium 8 or medium 6 hooks, they had full nets in 2.5 - 4 hrs with any where from 3 to 7 trophy bream, they are catching on all bait though there was mention of baits not always working. They switched baits out, once they weren't catching anything. I decided to try out a couple more things that were recommended to by some players in game. Switch to all flouro line instead of braid with flouro leader. I will say that I had more bites on all flouro line and medium hooks, I'll be trying thinner flouro since I'm using 9.7 kg test I think it .39mm diameter, just need to save up some though. I also noticed that bream seems to be very active during early morning (~4:00 - ~10:00 sometime later) and evening (~15:00 - ~23:00 sometimes later) to be fairly successful in catching fish don't target just bream. I generally go 0:00-3:00 target burbot, cats with night crawler, red worm and pieces of fish, then 3:00 - 24:00 go pea porridge, pearl barley, casters, red worm, blood worm, wheat grain, regular worm, and maggots for roach, tench, bream, and anything else that bites, I get a full net in about 3 hrs and quite often can fill in 2-3 cafe orders in one go. I think success comes in target a wide variety of fish and switching things up, no bites on a particular bait for 10-15 min change it, no bites at a particular spot move and so on. when i was using braid and a flouro leader a 2kg bream was super lucky for me, switched to all flouro line (9.7 kg so pretty thick) i noticed a considerable increase in bites of 2kg+, im thinking go smaller diameter and I'll get even more bites of 2kg+, guys on the russian forum were catching on 5kg line.
  14. Wanpug

    Kuori lake

    yup those two 10 kg set ups i made out for kouri are perfect for those 500g fish. after reading patchnotes there is a changed thing: - Fish movement throughout the water body have been optimized hmm is that the change that affects the catching of fish on kouri entirely?
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