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  1. Bugiardo

    Volkhov River

    Hey Kenny, thanks for tips. Back to Volk last night after a long time and its finnaly delivering. How you keep your wear on reel that low after a lot of nice fishes cought? suppose its an old pic of setup I am using power carbon line on my reels but those salmons are destorying them ;/
  2. Bugiardo


    PS and dont know should i go with BL, Mono or fluorcarbon line so many options
  3. Bugiardo


    hey guys, any suggestion for good snake line that will fit with super duty s88xh rod + alfa reel? i would go for 17kg fcarbon leader.. cheers
  4. Bugiardo

    Spinning Reels

    Hey guys, looking for decent setup for bear lake, i have 3 rods: Model two 390, Fortuna 420 and Palmar 150. My weak links are reels cause i have sabre 40, proton 6000 and sputnik element pro 4000. Should i even go to BL before i get stronger reels? Cheers
  5. Bugiardo

    Kuori Lake

    haha, cheers, know that but it was easier for me atm, maybe excitement lol
  6. Bugiardo

    Kuori Lake

    Couple of days i was spinning from coast at Kuori and at the same time casual feeder fishing at the same spot (75-102), casting in 12m hole with pea porridge. ..and boom..Last night was pretty lucky for me
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