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  1. thats it, its nice to farm silver there, i dont need 40 fish a hour, if i have 5 fish a hour and they are worth a good amount of silver its fine too for me.
  2. dont think you will catch a lot of them in this place. But the silver is very very good, overall it took me arround 40h (real time) to get this trophy.
  3. hope youre having a little more luck then i do
  4. Spot :121 75 Time Spend : 2,5 hours Rig : bottom livebait rig clip 27m
  5. 21:67 - Cocos Cream 22 normaler groundbait for them
  6. Slate


    well thanks @Levo now all i do is buying expensive ul gear and having fun same Spot, lure you can see on the Screen.
  7. im a full UL noob, someone can help me for a good and solid setup? Budget is arround 5-6k silver
  8. If you search google, average temperature is about 30,4. High temperature is about 36 for 2 month, rest of the year is arround 5-20. So not really a realistic weather.
  9. i have been trying this one time... Result was a trout coming like a torpade for my fly... wasnt that much fun ^^
  10. Slate

    Kuori lake

    thank buddy best level up ive ever had
  11. Slate

    Kuori lake

    10m hole Hunter 1-003
  12. Slate

    Sura River

    Most of us are struggling again and many allready left. I really feel sad about the direction rf 4 is going, just no more words
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