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  1. Hi. Thank you for your reply. Yes, i think it is a matter of inadequate pc. Windows 8.1 with memory 4.00GB 64 bit OS CPU 1.90 GHz. Ive tried every tip to make things better so i think its just time for a better pc.
  2. Blinks working fine after turning on bloom. Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you. Will let you know how the blinks work out.
  4. Thank you. Sorry, another problem. Had to force shut down after being frozen at Akhtuba. Was fine a couple of weeks ago. Could you please send me back to cottage. Thank you very much.
  5. Yes, maybe thats it. Im always trying something to improve the quality of the game with no luck. certain maps work fine but the others have severe lag.
  6. Hi. Recently my westhill blinks have stopped working. No colour showing at all, even at night, nothing.
  7. Hi there. I am loving RF4 but have experienced problems from start. I play on a laptop, with minimal requirements, hooked up to monitor. The problem is that although I have access to all the maps only the earliest, to Belaya, work ok. With the rest there are many problems. Mainly screen freeze. Once I go to, say , Akhtuba, screen will be frozen for maybe 5-10 mins. Once I can eventually move, I press hotkey for rod and another ten mins of freezing. Today rod finally appears and freezes for about 40 mins before game shuts down. I do realise that it is my low end pc or wifi speed which is the problem. I am about to spend money on one or the other so that I can enjoy RF4 properly. I am an old fella that has no clue how to send screen shots and all that so if you could just give me your opinion from clues as to whether its pc or wifi problem I would be truly grateful. Other clues, No other gaming on pc, pc clean, used to have similar issues with ALL waters but just came right., pc running fine otherwise. Thank you very much for any advice you may have.
  8. Hi. Please could someone tell me, when gaining the ability to use hair and loop rigs how do you use them? Im seeing nothing for sale or anything in crafting. Thank you.
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