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  1. 131.121 spot for silver carp. clip at 19 , 90cm depth. setup on screen. after one hour the bites slow down. screen of fish is for one hour session each time.
  2. tonio

    Sura River

    good surprise on nasty worm 2.5. 8m hole 3rd throw ... 2hours later
  3. tonio

    Kuori Lake

    trolling the deep holes around the island
  4. tonio

    Bear Lake

    44.50 clip 24m 240m
  5. 126.133 clip 23m 3.69m. setup on screenshot
  6. 100.57 cast north clip 20m bait Nightcrawler deep 5.60m
  7. first one 100.57 and second 95.108 ... surprise whit livebait gudgon
  8. 100.57 livebait bleak. clip 25m cast north
  9. point 100.57 clip 20/25 cast north deep 5.60m. bait NC , cockhafer larva and mole cricket
  10. tonio

    Old Burg Lake

    56.21 livebait perch. throw near the log
  11. tonio

    Sura River

    yesterday sura was on fire. Same spot like @Goregrinder Baitfish only for me, trophy cautch on bleak , roach and gudjon.
  12. hi. i prefere bottom please. sorry for my afk. tonio.
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