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  1. Coordinates: 107/100 Location: Winding Rivulet
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    I don't know what I did wrong but I'm sure I clicked REGISTER
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    Well I thought it was registered but it seems that it is not
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    Thanks for your attention !!!
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    This tournament will take place in any body of water and the species to catch is the bream???
  6. For several days ago it happens to me that every time I try to launch with my feed bars, the line seems to be permanently under tension and the bells of the sinalizer bite sporadically. So, when I take the rod and start bringing the fish, some of these two problems occur: - I take the rod while the bell is still ringing and the rod bends under tension, only to discover that there are no fish (without notification of "fish escaped"). - I take the rod while the bell is still ringing and the rod is bent under tension, and I see that the tension bar reaches 20-30%, but also reels the reel even with the friction brake locked. It almost looks like I've caught a fish, but it's not like that. After several minutes fighting this "phantom problem", the line is released and the stress bar goes to 2-4%, also without notification of "fish escaped". It's sad, but this situation is making the game almost impossible to play. I hope you solve this because I really like the game ...
  7. Ohhh yes.....it was my joystick. the problem has been resolved. Thanks again for your help. Regardssssss!!!!
  8. Hello everyone, Every time I start the game since yesterday i can't stop walking, the "fisherman" walks and walks and I can't stop him. I have done the following: Clear cache memory from appdata. this did not result Uninstall the game and reinstall it. this did not result My version is the 4.0.12727 I have it translated into Spanish Thank you very much for the assistance.- Best regards!!!
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