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  1. Are there any ladies & gents in here who have a youtube or twitch stream and love float fishing more than any other method. I dont come across RF4 float fishing too often on youtube and I would love to see some regular float fishing. Many thanks, feel free to PM me with your channel if you are a regular float fisher
  2. Right, so it's your fault eh? I was just reading the post by Butcher 1972 about perch and Ide and I fish that shelf a lot but cant get a trophy haha. I cant use the salmon yet but Im working on it. I will give it a try with a fishy attractant and see what happens. Or just wait until I CAN use the salmon attractant Good luck with the other trophy's
  3. Congrats. I'm still after a perch and an Ide trophy to finish Mosquito trophys
  4. YESSS!!! Finally got my trophy frog and I am so relieved lol. Now I just need a Perch & an Ide. I always wondered where the frogs and bleak hang out and tonight I found the darn things. I guess it sometimes pays to fish from somewhere other than marked pegs 39:57 through the reeds Telesticks size 22 hook Horsefly bait
  5. Billie MCJingles


    Anyone out there know which shop has Simmons Deadly Loop hook size 1/0 and 4/0 are in stock please. I cant go beyond Bear Lake to buy them though. Thanks folks
  6. Unfortunately I don't have access to those just yet but I took your advice and went back to Burg with smaller hooks and it was fine. I still think Burg is out of my league at present. I still have a lot to learn about fishing and tackle choices. For instance; For the past few days I have been pondering over a new reel to pair with my Kama Comfort spinning rod but today I caught a 10.6kg common carp on my heaviest feeder and wondered how the heck I got away with it. I have watched countless videos and read the forum posts about balanced set ups and it all seemed to make sense until I sat down and looked at what just happened. My heaviest feeder set up is Kama Fantazia: Load capacity 14.5kg Syberia Dragon Reel: Load capacity 6kg Indiana line: load capacity 5kg Common Carp; 10.662kg Now I was in no hurry to wind it in and didn't try to bully it. I was cautious with the drag increase and decrease during the battle and wound in line when I could. The whole affair took 50 minutes real time lol and when I saw the weight of the darn thing I couldn't believe it. More than twice the capacity of the line and 60% more than the reel. How's that work then?? I had intended to buy the Syberia Sabre at 9 or 10kg max drag to go with my spinning rod which is 11.5 kg max but now I find that a bit worrying. Even pairing it with another Syberia dragon at 6kg drag seems a bit dodgy based on today's experience. Dashing off to the next lake as soon as I unlock it is suicidal lol. At the moment I am content to learn Mosquito lake and the starting ponds like the back of my hand, learn about species, baits, different fishing pegs around the lakes at different times and weather conditions etc. Build up my tackle knowledge and practical experience without throwing cash away and developing all the side skills. The odd trip to new lakes for a gentle foray will be fun but not a criteria for me. This fishing lark is way too confusing at the moment and there is so much to learn but its great fun and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.
  7. I just caught a 5kg Tench over there and Im not going back I unlocked Old Burg a few days ago and have been 3 times. Each time I had to chase fish all around the lake lol. Im always worried about the wear and tear on my reel and figured stay away from big baits I should be okay but I only had a maggot on when the Tench took it. I swear that any fish over 2kg at that place, pre-book long haul flights. Im not going back until I can afford to buy a seine trawler and crew, or at least a good quality reel that doesnt need the brake on infinity
  8. Hiya folks I have a question about attaching feeder baskets to my feeder rod. I have paternoster rig unlocked which says that I can use a feeder basket with a leader, so I went and bought a basket and leader but I cant attach them because i havent unlocked fishing with a leader yet, so how do i fish with a paternoster rig because I dont see them for sale in the tackle shop?
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