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  1. krokenosterfant2


    Has the changes made to digging also been applied to the scoop to collect algae, mayflies etc? yes
  2. Hi everyone. Can I please get some advice on how to effectively farm live bait size perch? Where, how and with what. I know UL works but I don't have a setup for that. Thanks in advance
  3. krokenosterfant2


    Definitely. I'm running it on ultra with a 770 gtx 4gb...so you will be styling
  4. Morning. Can any one give me a review of the Natora 8000? I'm looking to purchase one to replace a alpha. I already have a old Mayor which I'm not happy with, due to its line capacity and quick wear from braid. Is the 'new' Mayor any different to the old as the specifications are identical? Or would it be best to save more and get an Everest?
  5. Nope they want you to spend gold on them as live bait
  6. Stay away from the Mayor. For a bit more go with the 18.5kg Natora 8000. Reason why is because the Mayor holds so little mono so you have to use braid... Which eats the reel up
  7. krokenosterfant2


    Hi. What is the conversion rate of gold to silver? I remember it used to be on the forum but think that info was part of one of the purges
  8. Thanks mqg for the info. I'm never throwing perch again off the islands on Ladoga. I hooked something stupid (must of been a baltic) which completely stripped my mayor during a 10 minute fight, never hit alt f4 so fast before
  9. Haha just as scared... Want to buy a new reel but worried they will make one stronger and one weaker... And I will buy the too be nerfed one knowing my luck
  10. I unlocked live bait three days ago. I was a bit disappointed to start off with, a small pike or two at Ladoga and odd burbot at Kuori. I basically blanked at Volkhov and Bear. However last night I went to Sura and fished the 7.5m hole. I constantly swapped between live bait species until I got a bite. My first throw with bleak I caught a 10kg catfish... From there all 9 of my bleak were taken in as many casts in almost the same amount of time. Zander and Volga Zander couldn't leave them alone. I even caught my first trophy Zander of 8.8kg. Caught some more fish on white bream and gudgeon. Smaller live baits and lighter tackle gives a decent bite rate, Where's perch, crucial and gibel are very slow (only caught pike on them so far). I also noticed lately in the game no matter the method, if a rod is sitting still for a long time, recast it... It almost always triggers a rapid bite.
  11. The only fish species that require gold baits are sturgeons. Just gain levels, most gold baits you can buy for silver at higher level lakes or you can craft. The silver farm is hard now that bream populations have taken a dip. I'm still making good money at bear lake. My first hour there I normally make around 200 silver, then tapers off to around 100 after that
  12. krokenosterfant2


    Hi. Recently my health is hovering around 50% and doesn't increase after around 3 real days of playtime. Its most probably from all the vodka for xp gain, but I have eating lots of kefir, sour cream, milk and garlic to try increase health with no luck. Stamina and comfort levels are also low, from low health I would guess. Hungry level are always high. Any suggestions or is it bugged?
  13. Would be pretty rad for Taiman, Lenok and Amur Pike. Would be cool is this map introduces proper flowing water like rapids
  14. Hi everyone. Currently I'm sitting the mid 50s for feeder fishing skill. I have premium but I'm hardly getting experience points. I know I should target different species etc but I have and nothing seems to give me points. If I use later equipment and skills like my upcoming loop rig skill or picker rods (which I have used before) will they give me more experience because it's new/unused techniques? I really want to get to live bait as I have already unlocked frog harvest skill but can't use them
  15. Thanks Elwoodiath2. I have purchased premium and unlocked mayflies as well. Still receive basically no increase in skill. Anyways. A question about frogs as bait. Im almost able to harvest frogs. But do I need to unlock a skill in the feeder tree to actually use them? And do you need to purchase a live bait bucket etc for frogs?
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