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  1. Taggen


    Map: Winding Spot: 85:103
  2. Thx for the answer, im asking for my son, and he is on steam and he tell me that he cant even see the forum "buttom" at the top
  3. A small question: do you have to use the standalone version to use forum?
  4. Taggen

    Baits Q&A

    Hi, a question about digging Is it totaly random or are there some "hotspots" for for example moles?
  5. If I buy a Falcon Match 390XH, can I use it for wagglerfishing? Its from 30-250gr and the biggest waggler float is 14gr?
  6. Taggen


    Got this one at Akhtuba 92:157 (in a boat) Mayfly and mayfly larva 1m
  7. Taggen


    Old burg lake, garlic dough clip 17m, depth 4.1m No Trophy (but they are there) but decent silver
  8. Got 3 in one night but no Trophy, clip at 21m against the treebranch in the water
  9. Lucky me, my first ever,same spot as amun24 with Mayfly larvae
  10. First Trophy at Bear Lake, 44:50, clip 19
  11. My first blue. Bear Lake at 45.60, bait was Honey Dough
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