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  1. LagerLout

    Akhtuba River

    84.108 molecrickets 25mclip
  2. LagerLout


    out of the whole update i like most of them but there are some odd things like how fast we pick up a rod its silly fast and makes the reel scream and the bite alarms colors are messed up i dont drink booze in game so i cant comment on the drunkness
  3. LagerLout

    Bighead Carp

    126 133 akhtuba pond Tuna 20 black/grass mix clip 20 such an ugly fish >.<
  4. LagerLout


    cheers mate i will it
  5. LagerLout


    Hey! Has anyone had any luck with catching trout or grayling on float fishing here?
  6. LagerLout

    Grass Carp

    here is my catch from bear
  7. LagerLout

    Grass Carp

    hey Tenzen I have tried flouo leader with the same effect different hook sizes even #4/0 even to size 16 just work for me and i always use mono line (i forgot to take off the river feeder now masked mesh) but thanks for your input
  8. LagerLout

    Grass Carp

    my boilies just dont work at bear ive tried most of the common baits barely get anything over 10kg im not sure what im doing wrong even on spuds and algae ive lost patience with boilies so i dont use them nomore any help would be great. heres some screenshots o f my gear and yes i have said the same thing before sorry but its annoying me now
  9. LagerLout

    Grass Carp

    you have all the luck NF
  10. LagerLout

    Bear Lake

    hey guys what size hooks do you use and groundbait if any ?
  11. LagerLout

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Hey Levo I guess im just unlucky then but i will keep trying was meant to reply to levo reply forgot to quote his
  12. LagerLout

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    tbf i ve tried many baits they just dont bite i spent all day at bear trying different spots etc yesterday with 1 rod on method rig and 1 on loop rig they just didnt bite the method rig same bait and GB so i dont know
  13. LagerLout

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    is anyone having issues with method feeders as in no bites on them or is it just me i have 3 points in it but when i change to loop rig i start to get bites if its a bug/glitch it needs to be fixed i like carp fishing with method feeders as it says its the best for carp
  14. LagerLout

    Grass Carp

    Thanks for the help
  15. LagerLout

    Grass Carp

    Im only using Loop rig as i heard using the last rig you unlock will increase the changes of getting skill exp not sure if thats true, I'm 86.2% in bottom feeder atm. Thanks for your time mate. I will try Paternoster instead of Loop rig
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