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  1. In the hole at the cannery, B 2,3. i was just turning to head north towards the island. also had a 12kg from the same spot
  2. i just bought a UL spin setup and my main reason for getting the spin reel is that i can use it on my picker or bolo rods.
  3. Only a small one but still fun to chase.
  4. nothing of great size but plenty of silver on offer
  5. got a weekly red char as well as a ripus weekly, its been very productive night using stone fly and mayfly lava and a nice 4.95kg bream
  6. my 1st and 2nd Volchov Whitefish, luckily both are weeklys
  7. same spot as before, stonefly lava and mayfly lava
  8. same again just now. a bit slower jigging and mostly caught with mayfly lava
  9. enzo mostly 14m hole just moving about and trying spots, the pike where from the 3m hole
  10. An enjoyable few hours at Ladoga, also got a 31 kg baltic just before on a black foam jig
  11. char, red char and more than any other grey char
  12. sb farmer


    I would be very careful of using that setup, not enough line and you don't need fluro leader with fluro line, go for a braid line with fluro leader.
  13. a few browns caught mostly on the different insect, etc and a couple on spoons. all along the east side of the island
  14. sb farmer


    Nah spinners are used upstream also , and they work even better as its like a little fish trying to escape but the current is stoping his progress, nothing to do with going with the flow, Now if had said a fly as in fly fishing they are cast up stream and go down with the flow.
  15. sb farmer


    Observe the spinner as its coming in to you, kiori is best place for this, i have seen some spinners not spinning but a quick drag will get them going again however we are unable to tell if this is the case once cast out. IRL you can feel the spinner working by the tip head of the rods trembling movement. The blade should be spinning and not dragging forcing the lure to move sideways, too big a hook or too heavy a line can also cause this. Im using 32 speed at times but depending on current, wind, time of-day. I vary it considerably after the first retrieve to the next one. I saw one streamer hardly winding in the lure but still catching fish so its up too you to try all and everything in order to get the fish to bite it
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