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  1. Thank you Elwoodiath2 For getting back to me. I have send one about two weeks back, but will send a new one again. Perhaps you guys can compare the two.
  2. Good day I have some concerns regarding the data usage of the game. Currently rf4_x64.exe is sending data out to your one IP address at my wifi's full speed, and barely able to receive data from another IP address of yours. I have attached a screenshot from my Resource Monitor. As of yesterday, where I have been only able to log in 4 times all together, the game has send out 1,3GB and only 26MB received. At this rate, you can imagine the monthly usage. I'm just a bit confused why it would send out more than receiving. So I have noticed that because the one IP address of yours ( is receiving data at full speed from me, this is causing the game to struggle to log in as it is unable to receive barely data back. When I do eventually log in, a fish will only show, gear changes, food/drinks consumed after 20 seconds. I noticed that only when your other IP address ( is able to send data back to the game, the game responds. FYI, I have been having this issue for a month now after a long break from it and updating it. I'm sure your logs will show that. Previously I never had an issue like this. Also, I have no issues with other online games connecting to international servers. The use waaaay less data than this and totally opposite less data send and more data received. Thank you for reading this and I hope to get this sorted out. Or at least an explanation what could be causing this. Some extra info: Standalone client Other Region IGN: Badger
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    Sura, in the 7.5m deep hole at spawn Jigsteps at 20 speed
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