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  1. i have only been playing for 6-8 months or so but one of the things i liked from the beginning was the fact that things change from time of day to seasons and weather . i know as and avid fisherman in RL that fish like to move around for lots of different reasons and the most fun is looking for them and finding out what they are biting on. sometimes just changing the speed of retrivial depending on the angle of the sun can make a big difference. making silver is nice but sometimes i set for hours catching only a few if any just waiting for that one big one to show up. Which sometimes it does and sometimes it dosnt.
  2. heya all....i was curious about wether the speed of the water at Bayla changes from time to time?....since i changes my setup the other day i noticed i have to keep adjusting my retrival speed to get the same effect from the lures as fars as the amount of vibration i like ...is it the water speed changing or somthing in my setup changing that effects the speed ?.... it was just a random thought late one night but any info or opinions would help.
  3. you know dieerent lake have differnt water clarity right?...just curious
  4. if i was a potato where would i be?....i know i got some somewhere before but i cant seem to find them now
  5. 68:111-35 m clip been hitting good for carp the last few days on wetbread and an inline feeder
  6. i had the same thing the 3rd or 4th time i tried to send on this game and had to end up using paypal to get it to work
  7. i tried it again to just cause and got a 4.? lagoda that took almost an hour to get in on my beginner set of gear....was fun though
  8. i was trolling the Volkov in the main deep part of the east side and somehow ended up with a small zebra mussle. i didnt know they could catch a spinner being trolled. has anyone else ever caught any that way or was it just a fluke? thanks .
  9. i been trying something diff a few times and its been working out okish...fishing out of a boat while anchored with either a spinner or wobbler...sometimes a bobbered worm to give my fingers a break...i recently tried a 3 way rig which worked out surprisingly well and when my time on the boat expired i just beached the boat ( not in same spot i was fishing ) and started fishing in the same spot from the bank with regular worms and bream mix feeders . 141:118 grid 6 - H on map at crosshairs. clip - 20m / from bank . as far as you can reach with whatever spinner you got/or wobbler.
  10. i forget coords but right at home base camp,below Dairy shop at bank....all caught on either a 3 gm red spinner or regular worms at 40+ clip twords the island...seems regular as i have been catching them there for two weeks at least.
  11. in case anyone was following or wondering it is a regular effect in game. I have heard it two more times since first post and its always at 1:30 a.m. Thought i heard a wolf howl too but that might have been outside my house.
  12. i was just fishing at kouri lake in the s.w. corner by the weeds around 1 a.m. and i coulda swore i heard a boat drive by. I have never heard that before and i was wondering if i was just imagining things or if that is an actual sound effect in the game. Thanks
  13. just wondering if its the game or something on my end....game has gotten a lot longer to load after the "loading profile" screen. used to load in 30 seconds now it taks 3-5 minutes sometimes.
  14. i had one jump on me the other day after fighting it for a few minutes...scrared me and he ended up getting off...it was fun though
  15. just curious....i was on southeast bridge at old burg lake fishing off of the east side and when i turned aroud to fish on the west side i was suddenly at the north bridge notrth of gate to village?...im just wondering if this is a known glitch or something else? thanks
  16. 68:111 lots of carp and a few bream on worms 35m clip and cheap groundbait ....sorry if i didnt put in regular post thingy
  17. does anyone use the lantern you buy in tackle shop? I didnt know if it helped any or not.
  18. never mind...internet went out for a few hours and when it came back on everything worked fine....must have been on my end
  19. everything loads up like normal but as soon as it tries to load profile it kicks me off internet ...everywhere else i go on intenet is fine and my computer meets requirements for game...i been playing almost a month with no problems.....is it just me or is this a common problem? i ran the diagnostics and file check already too
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