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  1. i tried it again to just cause and got a 4.? lagoda that took almost an hour to get in on my beginner set of gear....was fun though

    On 7/17/2022 at 5:33 PM, bLkspinner said:

    i just traveled to volkhov to try this and after 9 min i got this...






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  2. i was trolling the Volkov in the main deep part of the east side and somehow ended up with a small zebra mussle.

    i didnt know they could catch a spinner being trolled.

    has anyone else ever caught any that way or was it just a fluke?

       thanks .

  3. i been trying something diff a few times and its been working out okish...fishing out of a boat while anchored with either a spinner or wobbler...sometimes a bobbered worm to give my fingers a break...i recently tried a 3 way rig which worked out surprisingly well and when my time on the boat expired i just beached the boat ( not in same spot i was fishing ) and started fishing in the same spot  from the bank with regular worms and bream mix feeders .



    grid  6 - H on map at crosshairs.

    clip - 20m / from bank .   

    as far as you can reach with whatever spinner you got/or wobbler.





  4. i forget coords but right at home base camp,below Dairy shop at bank....all caught on either a 3 gm red spinner or regular worms at 40+ clip twords the island...seems regular as i have been catching them there for two weeks at least.   



  5. in case anyone was following or wondering it is a regular effect in game.

    I have heard it two more times since first post and its always at 1:30 a.m.

    Thought i heard a wolf howl too but that might have been outside my house.


  6. i was just fishing at kouri lake in the s.w. corner by the weeds around 1 a.m. and i coulda swore i heard a boat drive by.

    I have never heard that before and i was wondering if i was just imagining things or if that is an actual sound effect in the game.        



  7. just wondering if its the game or something on my end....game has gotten a lot longer to load after the "loading profile" screen.


    used to load in 30 seconds now it taks 3-5 minutes sometimes.


  8. just curious....i was on southeast bridge at old burg lake fishing off of the east side and when i turned aroud to fish on the west side i was suddenly at the north bridge notrth of gate to village?...im just wondering if this is a known glitch or something else?


  9. On 10/9/2021 at 10:16 AM, Tosho8 said:

    Would be happy if someone shares a spot for fishing from the shore - i'm just not big fan of trolling and going around with the boat.


    lots of carp and a few bream  on worms  35m clip and cheap groundbait ....sorry if i didnt put in regular post thingy


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  10. everything loads up like normal but as soon as it tries to load profile it kicks me off internet ...everywhere else i go on intenet is fine  and my computer meets requirements for game...i been playing almost a month with no problems.....is it just me or is this a common problem?

    i ran the diagnostics and file check already too


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