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  1. Forgot to also add, that if you fish the same area on a different setup, the gear ratio may differ and you will need to compensate with fewer or more turns to get the result you want.
  2. Also FasTy, when reeling in, it may initialy take say 3 cranks of the handle to get the Jig Step notification, as you continue to reel the lure closer, you may have to lower the number of turns. An example of that from one of my alt accounts (SpinDjin) yesterday or may have been day before. I was on Winding Rivulet near the camp there. They have widened the river in that area and the run up to it. I cast as far as my little rod and reel will allow, I had retrieve set to 24/25, and drag set to 21. Was pulling a small Hypnotic. On starting retrieve I had to turn crank three times on that setup to get the notification initial. As it got a little closer I had to drop to 2.5 turns to keep getting notification, and so on as it got closer, lowering half a turn at intervals till I was on one turn as it got to me. The need to alter crank turns is due to change of depth, length of line and altered angle of rod as it gets closer. All waterways will have different depths and contour profiles, so you have to change and adapt the technique to suit each one. For example Mosquito on the NW corner where the small collapsed wooden jetty is (not spun there in a while), I used to cast left and right from that position for Perch and Pike. I used to lower the retrieve a little from the winding Rivulet setup, and alter my crank turning count to suit that shallower depth. Size and weight of lure will have an affect too, so keep records. You just need to experiment, even smaller lures can be jig stepped if you can get the speed and crank rate correct for the depth you are fishing in, and sometimes depending on the lure it will give you speed up and or step and go too. But I only find this every now and again, I also need more practice for those other techniques.
  3. That will depend on how far you want to go with Tele's, or save the points if going for Match, Feeder and/or spinning. One point is better than none though as you will be using teles for a while to get float fishing up to 45% in order to get the ability to use leaders. On my character Sunlion, I will only be chasing tele, bolo and match rods, so I have maxed mine out along with fixed line and am now starting to add to bolo and spinning reel points. I hope to take tele's, bolos and match rods as far as I can on this account and see how long it takes to level before I hit a wall, if I do at all. I just like the challenge of seeing how far I can go with the poles too, as they are limited in test verses level. But match rods is this characters goal. I have another account, up to about level 16 I think where I am just using poles only, hehe, I like a challenge. But if this is your main account and you want to mix it up with a wider set of tools to catch fish, then be a bit more sparing in point allocation till you start getting 2 points per level at 20. Maybe others here who have got pretty high in level can advise better on best way to spread those points, as my main is only around level 24 as yet and I dropped spinning on him and just focus on match and feeder, when I have time from leveling my other accounts, Lol.
  4. Aye, give it a try. When you first go to hook the fish, sure, you are going to pull opposite direction to ensure a firm hook, then watch if it turns or continues to go in that direction and get your rod tip ahead of it and orient rod as its lifting to swing it in a little to turn it, may save you on a large fish. In some instances if there is room, you can walk along the shore, but that is suited more to reeled float fishing and risky on a tele. btw, just checked map again for Mosquito, and it actualy is oriented NSEW, don't know why I thought it was not >.< Lol. Good luck.
  5. Unfortunately that is the limitation on tele's. I have 4 accounts and ran all 4 on low level tele's up to at least level 12 before branching each account into another rod type. Yup, maybe I do have some masochistic tendancies Lol. best example I can give is on my steam account. (Sunlion)-(I love the challenge tele's throws up personally). He is still at Mosquito and is almost Level 15. I have held back from branching into a Bolo setup as I want to save for the L16 Onega setup. leveling on a new character can be expensive and time consuming, even frustrating if one wishes to go Tele >bolo> alongside Feeder and Spin fishing etc. For Tele sticks, it is easy to want to get each tele stick one after another from Level 1 Tele TL up to say a Linear at level 10, because, well you want bigger fish right? Bigger/and more fish means more silver and better gear. but with bait making progress costs, Groundbait costs, food and drink costs on top of say hook line and bobber replacement costs on breakages, it can get expensive fast, and also frustrating when one is always going for the next rod in a level up. What I did on Sunlion was use Tele TL(4.5kg) till L6, a Walrus (7.5kg) till level 10, a Linear (9kg) till level 14 and now use an Onega White Pole 4 (11kg). This lightened the costs a little. Now having ran 4 characters through Mosquito, I pretty much know where I am going to get the problem with Common Carp, Tench and occasional larger Chub(if 2-3kg is large Lol, which it is for a tele TL btw) and what baits are more attractive to those low level gear breakers. I also stick to the golden rule of making my line the weakest link in the Line>Rod Chain, and also use Happy Hooks as soon as affordable so I loose less fish. Think I have lost 4-5 in almost 15 levels on Sunlion, with no breakages apart from a couple or three line breaks. In fact across 4 characters and over 700 hrs gameplay I have no reel or rod breaks. But back to the main point, on Teles, you have to fish smart. Know the waterway, or get to know it. I purposely fished on the North bank just before the bridge on my initial Tele TL, with a few visits to the Cottage pond in between, this ensure I leveled slowly but safely till I could get the 7.5 kg pole. (N.S.E.W in regard to Hud compass, as map is not oriented to North) Then I fished North some more with some East bank fishing again with care. Anything pulling me into orange apart from 2 or three mistakes I just Alt F4. Making silver is hard enough with all the costs after all. Once I had the Linear then it was the S and SW areas, ie the path through the reeds on left of lake. Bigger fish, and more chances at those Common Carps, Tench and occasional gutsy Chub. The Linear can handle a good size but, still a danger as say a 4kg Common Carp is pulling far more Kilo than that when pulling away, a line breaker for sure, and many new players overcompensate with stronger line. Seen a hell of a lot of rod and reel breaks with the new flood of Steam accounts who thing a strong line will do all the heavy lifting. It does not as you already are more than likely aware. With a Bolo you have a reel, so it can help as you can let off some tension but on the Tele, we don't have that , so what I do is soon as a larger fish gets hooked, and you can tell if it's going to be a good fish by the way it takes the bait, I move the tele to one side as I raise it, generally in the direction the fish is taking the line after initially getting hooked, and this can help turn the fish towards the bank, doing it the opposite way will just add more tension and if too heavy for the line will just head off over the horizon with your tackle leaving an empty rod behind. ) Turning the fish (larger fish) is essential on a large Common Carp, the will just barrel straight out otherwise, as do Chub, in fact Chub will just sprint away from the get go. Sorry for the long ramble, but there is no real easy answer to your question. You just have to fish smart and know the limitations of Tele's and make adjustments in where to fish, what bait for which fish, and create tactics like turning the fish. This will hopefully mitigate the limitations of the lower level poles, and gain better handling for the future sturdier ones down the line. Personally I enjoy those limitations on poles, it's quite a challenge even at low level and I enjoy it, but then I am a slow and steady leveler, I like to take my time and immerse myself in the game. Bolo rods take some of those limitations away, and when I get to level 16 I will hunt some bigger fish, but so far 4.5kg is about the top end of my comfort zone even on the 11Kg Onega, as a 4.5kg fish if you don't turn it is going to pull some serious weight on a tele. Hope this helps a little in giving you some ideas in where you want to proceed in Tele's and help you not break your stuff. Djinn
  6. Forgot to add that the whole Hypnotic series of colours are good in varying weather conditions, but, beware, Pike like the Red and Green, so choose your locations with care. Good for Perch, Zander, occassional Asp I think it was, may have been Ide, and good for Chub, dependent on where fishing. Can't recall all locations since I have not done much spinning for quite a while now. Fish with care with them though at rivers end where the fallen log is, as some big pikes will shred you, but a good spot for Perch and Chub if you are willing to take the risk of loosing 17 to20 silver or more. The large bend towards end of map that they Widened in last big update is a good spot for several species and where I got the cats, sorry dont have a map at hand right now for Co-ords but it is where the camp is. Good luck Djinn
  7. When I did some spin fishing here, I caught a few cats (was not targeting cats at that time, so were random catches) using the Heavens Creek Hypnotic 7 :- Yellow with black dots, currently selling @ 17.8 silver. The bigger version the Hypnotic 20 is currently selling at 19.2 silver. I was using jig step at around 24 setting. Think I caught them during day, but it's been a while. Maybe worth a try, if not they are good for other species there too, and, work quite good at night.
  8. Aye, it's been a good spot for my steam alt (L13 atm, fishing just with a Linear Pole). That spot plus the small (gap in the reeds) peg to the left, and the two areas going right. I have been alternating with worm, bread and Bark Beetle larva mainly as he cannot make higher level baits as yet. Hopefully this area will stay active enough to get enough silver for the level 14 Bolo rods and a reel.
  9. Djindaar


    Water body name in image (bottom), but aye, other info can help.
  10. Also, forgot to add above, If on the edge of the bank, ready to cast, take a step back. This then gives you room to take a step forward when picking up the rod and moving the mouse as mentioned above. This again gives you a little more room to diminish the snatch on a tight line, say if the wind has taken your float out to take up any slack you gave it, or when a fish pulls the line away and again taking up any slack you previously gave it.
  11. In some instances also, you can, when picking up the pole, move your mouse forward and down, and this gives you a little slack to play with, lessening the 'snatch' as you pick it up.
  12. Djindaar


    Just press the small square below the text in the post you wish to quote I think, then click the small quote box that pops next to your post as you type. Let's test that. Yup, that works.
  13. Still getting East side while Bream fishing, not targeting them as such. 44:33
  14. I have an alt character (only L14 as yet) that I am using to only fish with Telescopic and the Bolognese(sp) rods, just to see how far I can level on just those rods before the grind hits me or I hit a wall. Problem I see is that there is a progression in the rods load from L1 up to L16, then a huge gap between L16 and L22 in that load progression. Two rods, both pole and Bolo that would fit in that gap are L26 and L28 dependent being 13.5kg and 11kg. They both have special bonus. I would have preferred that there were two available at those same loads without bonus, to fill that gap. Will be equally fun and frustrating getting through levels 17 to 22 Lol.
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